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100 artificial intelligence companies to know in healthcare 2019: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly becoming an integral part of healthcare delivery.


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly becoming an integral part of healthcare delivery. Both on the clinical care and operational side of healthcare organizations, AI has is powering technology that keeps patients safe and improves efficiency for the revenue cycle, supply chain and more. Here are 100-plus companies in the healthcare space using artificial intelligence. To add a company to this list, contact Laura Dyrda at AiCure is an AI and advanced data analytics company that uses video, audio and behavioral data to better understand the connection between patients, disease and treatment. It allows physicians to have access to clinical and patient insights.

DeepTech: AI in Drug Discovery


DeepTech companies combine cutting edge science and advanced engineering with the objective of making a profound impact on humanity. One of the sectors most impacted by DeepTech is AI for Drug Discovery. In the second article in our DeepTech Series, we will focus on AI for Drug Discovery and profile four top tier companies in this sector. Drugs are among the most effective ways to combat disease. Drugs are used to fight cancer, relieve pain, prevent cardiovascular disease, alleviate mental illness, cure infectious disease, and much more.

25 DeepTech News Briefs


The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI officially launched today. Stanford HAI seeks to become an interdisciplinary global AI hub and to fundamentally change the field of AI by integrating a wide range of disciplines and prioritizing true diversity of thought. Researchers in Korea analyzed literature evaluating 516 AI algorithms for medical image analysis and found that only 6% validated their AI and 0% were ready for clinical use. This lack of appropriate clinical validation is referred to as digital exceptionalism. An analysis of 47 biomedical unicorns found that most of the highest valued startups in healthcare have a limited or non‐existent participation in the publicly available scientific literature.

AI Powered Startups Around The World Part 3


This AI chatbot keeps users in the know and alerts users when they need to take action. DMARC ensures that emails are authenticated properly and allows senders to define how email recipients deal with unauthenticated emails in order to block malicious emails.

14 Startups Leading the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Revolution


INCEPTION IS A VIRTUAL ACCELERATOR FOR MORE THAN 2,000 AI STARTUPS. GENETESIS: AI-Powered Biomagnetic Chest Pain Triage 2. LUNIT: Software for Medical Data Analytics and Interpretation 3. INSILICO MEDICINE: AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Dev't 4. SIGTUPLE: Smart Screening Powered by Data-driven Intelligence 5. BAY LABS: AI Technologies for Cardiovascular Imaging and Care THE NOMINEES FOR THE "BEST SOCIAL INNOVATION" AI STARTUPS ARE … 7. Genetesis is building solutions that allow physicians to detect and localize sources of abnormality in the heart. The Genetesis CardioFlux platform allows clinicians to visualize the heart's inherent electrical activity in dynamic 3D maps. TECHNOLOGY LEARN MORE Genetesis 8. Lunit develops advanced software for medical data analytics and interpretation via cutting-edge deep learning technology. They aim to help physicians make accurate and consistent clinical decisions through our data-driven imaging biomarker technology.