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Avrohom Gottheil is the founder of #AskTheCEO Media, whose mission is to help people get more of the right customers, in an easier and fun way. Avrohom comes from a 20 year career in Telecom, where he helped businesses around the world install and maintain their communication systems and contact centers. He is a Top-ranked global IoT influencer by, followed worldwide on Twitter, and a frequent speaker on using technology to accelerate revenue growth. Listen to him share the latest technology trends, tools, and best practices for IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, and more, on #AskTheCEO -- broadcasted on YouTube, with all shows available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Leveraging AI & Machine Learning in Healthcare: #AskTheCEO With Ed Scott


Edward Scott is the founder and CEO of ElectrifAi, a company that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning via their suite of products to drive profit improvement, increased performance, and risk reduction. As part of this discussion, we shared how their partnership with Microsoft, their use of Azure, and the Azure Marketplace have empowered them to scale and grow their business. Facebook: AvrohomGottheil Twitter: @avrohomg Instagram: @avrohomg INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS: [00:48] Artificial Intelligence is very prevalent nowadays, especially in HealthCare, and providers are converting their data to digital format to leverage the benefits of the latest innovations in technology. What are the challenges health care providers face when trying to go digital? Ed: You can access our solution set via one of the following links: electrifai.imageai

How Science Fiction Influences Technology With J. Dianne Dotson


J. Dianne Dotson is a science writer and science fiction author. She published HELIOPAUSE: THE QUESTRISON SAGA: BOOK ONE in 2018, and its sequel EPHEMERIS: THE QUESTRISON SAGA: BOOK TWO in 2019. Dianne gained a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and used her skills in laboratory and clinical research. She began content and science writing in 2010. Currently, Dianne works as a freelance science writer, novelist, short story writer, watercolorist, and volunteer.

Top 10 IoT Influencers to Follow: Independent Research


A couple of years ago experts struggled to decide whether IoT was merely a hype word; today connected gadgets are widely regarded as the cornerstone of successful Digital Transformation! With the global Internet of Things market expected to double by 2021, keeping up with technology advances might be a bigger challenge than people think. Instead of monitoring news aggregators and Twitter feeds, however, you can get quality content directly from recognized industry leaders and subsequently leverage the power of new technology to fast-forward your business transformation initiatives. Who are they and how can your company benefit from following IoT influencers and collaborating with them? Top 10 IoT Influencers You Should Keep an Eye on To create our list of the world's pre-eminent IoT figures, the R-Style Lab marketing team conducted a thorough research which involved in-depth analysis of the influencers' social media profiles and content they share on personal blogs and external platforms.

Digital Health, Health Tech, and AI With Irma Rastegayeva: #AskTheCEO Episode 65


Irma is a Boston-based Innovation Catalyst at the intersection of health, technology, humanity and storytelling. Named in the Top 30 Women in Tech, she is recognized as a top influencer in DigitalHealth, HealthTech, PersonalizedMedicine and IoT. She now combines deep technical expertise, product development experience and patient advocacy with storytelling and community engagement at eViRa Health, a B2B marketing consultancy. Irma additionally indulges her passion for innovation and storytelling by working with entrepreneurs as a coach and consultant. Whether it's helping to perfect their pitch for a competition, finding just the right way to tailor the message for a specific audience, or guiding on business strategy, Irma's empathetic approach and servant leadership has gotten rave reviews.