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157 Artificial Intelligence Platforms to Help You Grow Your Business 60 Second Marketer @AskJamieTurner


The odds are pretty good that you're using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) more often than you realize. After all, every time you do a Google search (like the one that probably brought you here), you're using software that has Artificial Intelligence ingrained in its DNA.

Artificial Intelligence In Content Marketing (2020 & Beyond)


Artificial intelligence and its subsets have been revolutionizing the business and marketing landscape for quite some time. Still, there's a new frontier that this advanced technology is yet to conquer completely – content marketing. Certain AI algorithms have become terrifyingly good at generating plausible stories, to the extent that Open AI initially decided not to release its GPT-2 publicly out of fear that it could be potentially misused. However, although these articles written by a machine are coherent and engaging thanks to massive amounts of data fed to these algorithms, lack of genuine critical thinking and creativity renders AI inferior in comparison with human writers. But, while this means that you can't rely on an AI tool to come up and generate entire blog posts, your content marketing can tremendously benefit from implementing this technology.

What The Best Brands Will Do In 2017


Now is the time of the year when every marketer should well reflect on the achievements of 2016 and holistically examine what the New Year is going to mean for marketing, branding, and business. With this article I proceed with a good tradition by following-up on my previous and related articles for 2016, 2015, and 2014. As we all know, paying attention to what's on the horizon does offer valuable insights. Knowing the below-listed 16 marketing trends which I consider as highly relevant for 2017, should help you to build, expand, and keep strong brands. Although this should have been ingrained in every marketer s DNA for years, however, with all the data, tech, and buzzwords flying around, one of the biggest marketing challenges of 2017 will be to stay calm, focused, and to be obsessed with the only one that matters: Your customer! How to identify her, to reach her, to engage her, to make her purchase, to have her stay loyal, to make her to recommend you, and to have her even re-purchase more of your products in the future? There is a certain risk that (marketing) managers – more than ever – get confused and fall into the trap of mixing up data-driven insights with a real customer-centric business philosophy. Therefore successful companies and brands don t worship the data gods for the sake of it; instead they have a comprehensive and deeply rooted digital transformation strategy in place which is flanked by a crystal clear marketing action plan. Enhanced and lived by every employee of the organization and not only by a chief digital officer who very often is floating around the company in search for a home base.

54 Artificial Intelligence Powered Marketing Tools


The expression, "Marketers are data rich and insight poor" is more true today than ever. Marketers all over the world are working to optimize marketing operations and effectiveness using their abundance of data. Many are turning to tools and platforms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI promises to make sense of all the dark data companies are sitting on as well as structured and unstructured data online to surface insights about customer behaviors, opportunistic content and emotional triggers to inspire conversions. In an age of too many choices, increased competition for customer attention requires every advantage to optimize for reach, engagement and conversion.

Digital Advertising and Artificial Intelligence: A Match Made in Heaven!


If you want your digital marketing strategy to be active and efficient, it is high time that you embark on a new paradigm driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the future, AI is going to play a vital role in digital marketing and advertising. If you are to stay ahead in the competition, you need to take the AI route for better customer experience, relevant content, and personalized approach in your digital marketing strategy. As we all know, artificial intelligence is about machines and their ability to learn, apply, and solve problems. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing has affected the approach to advertising through innovation and the correct application of the collected and analyzed data.