Two Robot Geeks Discuss Robotics PR, Automation Fears, and Terminators

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Evan Ackerman is a journalist who has been covering robotics (and some other stuff) for the last 11 years. Last time he counted, he'd written well over 6,000 articles, which seems like a lot. Tim Smith is the CEO of Element Public Relations, a boutique PR firm in San Francisco specializing in emerging technologies. For this article, Evan and Tim sent each other some questions about what it's like for a journalist to work with PR firms, and what it's like for PR firms to work with journalists. Tim Smith: What is that you do, exactly? Proposes Cloud Robotics for 3D Print Farm Automation


Farms of 3D printers are a potential solution to batch production, with some companies relying on numerous machines to 3D print a large group of parts at once. While they may increase output, print farms may also be labor intensive to operate. To demonstrate the overall utility of its cloud robotics platform, an Oregon startup called has deployed a robotic arm, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to create an automated print farm. has built what it suggests is a universal machine automation solution that combines a number of components into a cloud robotics platform. While the specific make and model of each piece of hardware is left up to the user, all one needs to get started with is a robotic arm, a webcam and a robotic gripper.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Automation Books You Should Read Today


You have to seek information that will profit you. This Jerry Kaplan classic, written in 2015 has been chosen as one of the 10 best science and innovation books of 2015 by The Economist. In the book, Kaplan discusses the most recent advances in robotic automation technology, machine learning, and perception powering systems that rival or surpass human abilities. Kaplan likewise specify that the change may be extraordinary and ruthless, unless we address the two incredible parts of the contemporary developed world: unpredictable labor markets and pay income disparity. A Martin Ford non-fiction, written in 2015, this book takes a scary voyage through Artificial Intelligence's quick advances.

Clifford Chance launches Automation Academy robotics training in Singapore


Clifford Chance has commenced the pilot phase of its cutting edge robotics training programme, Automation Academy through Create 65; the firm's LegalTech innovation lab. The programme will be run in conjunction with Josef, a'next generation' legal automation platform that allows lawyers to create bots. Josef's team of legal designers and technologists will support the initiative. The Automation Academy is intended to provide trainees and lawyers a foundational understanding of how to automate legal contracts and other tasks using a no-code platform. Singapore Managing Partner Kai-Niklas Schneider offers, "This training will equip our lawyers with the skills to identify automation opportunities, and develop, test and build'bots' to solve real world challenges within the firm."