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Alexa will pepper you with questions to build better playlists


Amazon is rolling out a few tweaks to Alexa that will make it easier to find the music you want to hear. By telling Alexa what you like and don't like and by conversing with Amazon's assistant about what you enjoy listening to, Alexa will be able to create more personalized suggestions and playback even when you just say, "Alexa, play music." If you're looking for Alexa to offer some suggestions for playlists that are tailored to you and what you want, the virtual assistant will now be able to talk to you about what you're looking for. When you say something like, "Alexa, help me find a holiday playlist," or "Alexa, help me find dinner music," Alexa will respond with a few questions to help get a better grasp on what genre, tempo or mood you're hoping to incorporate. Alexa will then customize playback based on how you responded and your past listening history.

Alexa can build Amazon Music playlists for you


Amazon announced today that Amazon Music listeners will now be able to ask Alexa to make a playlist through their Alexa-enabled devices. Commands like "Alexa, add this to my playlist" and "Alexa, create a new playlist" can be used and users can ask the assistant to add songs to a specific playlist or to create a new playlist from the current song being listened to.

You can now use Alexa with Amazon's music app


Thanks to Amazon's latest voice control update -- which brings Alexa to the Amazon Music app -- next time Donald Trump starts feuding with North Korea, you can simply call on Alexa to properly set the mood. In a Tuesday press release Amazon announced its trusty AI Alexa is now available in the Amazon Music app in the United States, the UK, Germany, and Austria -- which means all your favorite songs and playlists are just a voice command away. Though normal app browsing is still available, Amazon Music users now have the ability to activate Alexa using the push-to-talk feature on their iOS and Android devices. According to Amazon users can request specific genres, playlists, songs, and more -- not to mention you can recite lyrics if the name of a song escapes you. Is there anything Alexa can't do?

Alexa Routines can now include music and podcasts


Amazon launched Alexa Routines last year and they let users set up a list of automated smart home actions that can be triggered with a simple command. For example, "Alexa, good morning," could launch a Routine that turns on the lights, reports the weather forecast, reads news briefings and starts the coffee maker. Missing from the Routine capabilities, however, has been music. Well, no longer, because Amazon is now rolling out the ability to add playlists, podcasts and radio shows to your Alexa Routines. As of now, Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Saavn, Deezer and TuneIn are supported.

Amazon Music Unlimited now available in the UK from £8 a month


After months of rumours and teasing, Amazon finally launched its own unlimited music streaming service in October. Access was initially reserved access for US customers, but today the retailer is expanding to the UK. Music Unlimited -- Amazon's answer to Spotify and Apple Music -- offers over 40 million tracks and starts at £7.99 per month or £79 per year if you're a Prime member (£9.99 for everyone else) and comes with an discounted "For Echo" plan that costs £3.99 each month. Just like its rivals, Amazon's music service provides access to thousands of curated playlists and personalised radio stations via the company's mobile apps but also its Echo speaker. The company has tightly integrated Music Unlimited with its intelligent hardware, allowing you to find a track by simply saying a few words from the song.