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Insights about consumers and artificial intelligence 2018


The young, educated, and tech-savvy population of Brazil stands out as the market having the greatest upside potential, with 59% of our respondents looking forward to buying a device. A general preference for voice interaction and lower levels of concern about online privacy leaves many Asian nations not far behind. In China, more than half (52%) plan to buy one. The story is similar in Vietnam (19% own, 45% plan to), Indonesia (18% own, 49% plan to), and Thailand (15% own, 44% plan to).

Consumer Prices Rebounded 0.2 Percent in April

U.S. News

On Thursday, the Labor Department reported that inflation at the wholesale level rose 0.5 percent, and there was some concern among economists that the sharp increase might carry over to the consumer level. But those increases were moderate and suggest that retailers have not yet passed on those costs to consumers.

Will consumers share their data without a share in its value?


I can relate to that. My grandparents were grocers 100 years ago. I often wonder what they would make of the consumer-facing companies I work with today. A lot of what it takes to succeed now -- and into the future -- would be familiar to them. New technologies are changing what's possible.

Travel websites ticked off over 'misleading' claims

BBC News

Websites that show bargain prices for flights, hotels and other travel bookings, are not giving customers accurate information, say European consumer protection authorities. The first price shown was often much lower than the final price, they said. Some offers that look too good to be true, are - because when you click to buy they aren't available. "These websites are misleading consumers," said Vera Jourova, the EU commissioner responsible. The Consumer Protection Cooperation body said the 235 websites that they had identified would be required to correct the problems.

US consumer confidence tumbles in December

FOX News

WASHINGTON – U.S. consumer confidence tumbled this month as Americans began to worry that economic growth will moderate next year. But consumer spirits are still high by historic standards. The Conference Board, a business research group, says its consumer confidence index fell to 128.1 in December, down from 136.4 in November and lowest since July. The index measures consumers' assessment of current economic conditions and their outlook for the next six months. Consumers' expectations for the future dropped to the lowest level in more than two years.