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100 Most Popular Programming Languages Of 2017


Short Bytes: Apart from the popular programming languages like Java, C, Python, JS, etc., there are tons of other languages that are being used for specific purposes. Based on the popular TIOBE Index, we are sharing the list of the top 100 most popular programming languages of 2017. These languages have different features and strengths that different developers appreciate. Every alternate day, a new programming language is born. This vast choice to choose a programming language also makes it very tough to select the first programming language.

Coconut Programming Language


Coconut is a functional programming language that compiles to Python. Since all valid Python is valid Coconut, using Coconut will only extend and enhance what you're already capable of in Python. Coconut is built to be useful. Coconut enhances the repertoire of Python programmers to include the tools of modern functional programming, in such a way that those tools are easy to use and immensely powerful; that is, Coconut does to functional programming what Python did to imperative programming. And Coconut code runs the same on any Python version, making the Python 2/3 split a thing of the past.


AAAI Conferences

Probabilistic programming languages allow a modeler to build probabilistic models using complex data structures with all the power of a programming language. We present CTPPL, an expressive probabilistic programming language for dynamic processes that models processes using continuous time. Time is a first class element in our language; the amount of time taken by a subprocess can be specified using the full power of the language. We show through examples that CTPPL can easily represent existing continuous time frameworks and makes it easy to represent new ones.



Many people underestimate the power of C# and never think highly of it when they talk about programming languages, but the truth is that C# is one of the popular programming languages of today's world, just behind JavaScript, SQL, and Java on StackOverFlow's Developer Survey for last a couple of years. There are a lot of jobs and opportunity available for experienced C# developers. It is also one of the most popular programming languages for developing desktop GUI, surpassing Java Swing completely in last a couple of years. I have seen many big investment banks switched from Swing to C# for their GUI development work.