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How to Build a Great Conversation Design Portfolio


Portfolios are always a hot topic in career Q&As and the conversation design community, and for good reason! A portfolio is a great way to highlight your writing and design skills, but with a little creativity, they can speak to so much more than just a prototype. I put together my top considerations and must-have skills for your own portfolio, to ensure that it speaks for you, and that your ideal audience will understand your work and what you're most passionate about when it comes to conversation design. Later in this post, Brielle Nickoloff and I review four portfolios from real conversation designers! This is the most obvious and most important thing to highlight in your portfolio.

Design Chatbot Conversations -Reveal chatbot's personality!


Have you ever wondered who designs a chatbot conversation? Who decides what reply the bot will give? How does the chatbot respond? I stumbled upon an opportunity to write conversations for chatbots without any prior technical knowledge. All you need is to be creative with your words and create conversations that are human-centric.

How to make a stupid chatbot seem like a smart assistant


Developing a brand used to mean creating a logo and choosing color palettes, but those days are numbered. Thanks to chatbots and intelligent hardware devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, visual brand elements are starting to take a backseat to brand elements that are completely focused on what people will read or hear. Companies building products on chatbot platforms aren't always able to control the appearance of what they're communicating to their users -- it's all about the words. This applies to an even greater extent with smart speakers because the words are spoken and you have nothing to show to your users. Product designers who are focused on these platforms are going to have to learn how to shift from a visual mindset to a world where picking the right words and communication style is what will help them to stand out from the competition.

How to design a conversation for chatbot? - Maruti Techlabs


It is so natural for the designer to put himself in the user's place before setting to work. In his mind, there is a conversation going on between the designer and the user – That gets the designer closer to know what the user needs and wants. There is also the real talk with users giving designers a clear understanding of customer needs. Conversation of this sort can help the designer hit it off with the customer when real conversation begins. As computers gain the human touch to converse with users, we are on the threshold of transforming conversation into a user interface.

How to design a Chatbot


The article was a good read, but the above quote is really a half truth, since Experience Design is also about ensuring you're balancing the needs of users and the business. With this in mind, i thought i'd compile and order my own thoughts on how as designers we should be approaching ChatBots. In classic User Centred Design fashion, you start fashioning a Chatbot with discovery and defintion. Once these two aspects of the Design problem have been answered and most importantly aligned, you'll have a better understanding of the Interaction dynamic you require and the customer needs you'll need to address -- which will move you on nicely to the definiton phase. Definition is all about understanding how your Bot is going to work and the features it needs to have in order to meet those requirements of its business, but more importantly, its users.