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Which enterprise verticals are likely to see wider adoption of IoT?


For the Indian market, there is a huge potential for IoT adoption in smart cities. Here, it is not just the government that needs to step in but also a host of other enterprises such as parking garages, stadiums and malls. The automotive industry also holds great potential for IoT adoption. It has far-reaching implications on social life as well as industrial applications. It promises quality of life as well as efficiency of processes within factories, cities, etc.

Enterprise cloud adoption outstrips cybersecurity capabilities


Enterprise companies are adopting SaaS at a rapid pace but are failing to budget for security solutions to protect the data they hold, research suggests. On Tuesday, cloud security firm iboss released a white paper documenting the rising adoption rates of software as a service (SaaS) applications, which while often valuable for companies, may also pose a risk when cybersecurity is an afterthought. The report, titled "Head in the Cloud: Misconceptions Hindering Enterprise Cloud Adoption," claims that 64 percent of US enterprise players believe the pace of SaaS application adoption is "outpacing their cybersecurity capabilities." In total, 61 percent of enterprise IT staff cite data privacy as a primary concern for the growing adoption of SaaS. With data breaches now so commonplace, the idea of sensitive, corporate information being leaked from non-secure cloud environments causes IT staff to break out in a cold sweat.

Adoption of 3 Children Is a Growing Experience for Family

U.S. News

According to a State Department report, some countries have become more wary of international adoption in recent years because of illegal or unethical practices by adoption agencies and facilitators, lack of comprehensive nationwide laws regarding adoptive parents transferring custody of adopted children and the failure of some U.S. families to complete required post-adoption reports. Politics may also play a role in international adoption's decline; Russia, once a leading source of foreign adoptions, banned U.S. parents from adopting in 2014 to retaliate against U.S. sanctions.

Christian adoption agency sues New York after state tries to shut it down

FOX News

A Christian adoption agency in Syracuse, New York is suing the state after it threatened to shut them down for a "discriminatory and impermissible" policy of placing each child with a married mother and father and referring unmarried or same-sex couples to other adoption agencies because of its religious beliefs. New Hope Family Services is a non-profit that serves as an adoptive provider and pregnancy center since 1965. The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) initially praised the organization after a site visit but took issue with the group's child placement policy after reviewing its manual. OCFS told New Hope to revise its policy of placing children with a married mother and father or end the adoption program. New Hope filed a lawsuit against the state in December for targeting their religious beliefs.

Annual adoption program takes animals from shelters to homes

Los Angeles Times

The Burbank Animal Shelter usually charges $125 for a dog adoption and $78 for cats, while the Pasadena shelter asks for $130 for dogs and $75 for cats.