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Ethical Fast Fashion Is Possible--And This Women-Led Startup Is Proving It

Forbes - Tech

"Ethical fashion" and "fast fashion" have become antithetical in the $2.5 trillion fashion industry. The latter seemingly has two identities; on one side of the debate, it's an economic wunderkind, easily outpacing sales growth from traditional fashion brands. At the same time, it's become the poster child for unethical and unsustainable manufacturing practices. Soko, an artisan-made jewelry brand, is out to bridge the gap. Gwen Floyd (right), cofounder of Soko, pictured with Verolyne Akoth, one of Soko's production field officers.

Sustainability Scanner: 3D Virtual Runway Shows, Digital Fashion Weeks and More


The Voice of Fashion is an online fashion and design magazine. Completely distinct in the way it deals with the latest fashion trends and its approach to Indian Fashion industry, TVOF is an online platform that explores news, views, opinion pieces, reported articles, photo features, narrative style stories and shopping lists. It is a fashion magazine with strong reading content, videos and news. Most fashion magazines do not deal with analytical pieces that give the reader an in-depth coverage of Indian fashion from a design and political perspective. The Voice of Fashion, not only does deep dive interviews with Indian fashion designers through articles and videos but it also studies brand culture and essence in many ways.

How hip-hop fashion went from the streets to high fashion

Los Angeles Times

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons hip-hop has taught the fashion world has been every man is a brand. Hip-hop artists have learned quickly that making music is just one small part of their cultural imprint. Consider hip-hop's early days when Adidas struck a $1 million deal with Run-DMC after the group performed the song "My Adidas" -- it's considered to be rap's first endorsement deal -- or Sean Combs' savvy move from music to apparel with the 1998 launch of his label Sean John or Kendrick Lamar's collaboration with Nike. Others including Karl Kani, Carl Jones of Cross Colours and the team behind FUBU (led by "Shark Tank" judge Daymond John) have made clothes expressly designed for hip-hop audiences.

A Virtual Personal Fashion Consultant: Learning from the Personal Preference of Fashion

AAAI Conferences

Besides fashion, personalization is another important factor of wearing. How to balance fashion trend and personal preference to better appreciate wearing is a non-trivial task. In previous work we develop a demo, Magic Mirror, to recommend clothing collocation based on the fashion trend. However, the diversity of people’s aesthetics is huge. In order to meet different demand, Magic Mirror is upgraded in this paper, and it can give out recommendations by considering both the fashion trend and personal preference, and work as a private clothing consultant. For more suitable recommendation, the virtual consultant will learn users’ tastes and preferences from their behaviors by using Genetic algorithm. Users can get collocations or matched top/bottom recommendation after choosing occasion and style. They can also get a report about their fashion state and aesthetic standpoint on recent wearing.

B2B And B2C – Behind The Fashion Tech


Is the fashion industry changing and how? The fashion industry has become the new playground for tech and innovation. It is the biggest market in the world for consumer goods, with a transaction value of 3 Trillion USD in 2014.