Collaborating Authors

AI Sciences


We are a group of experts, PhDs and Practitioners of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Statistics. Some of us work in big companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, KPMG, BCG, and IBM. We decided to produce a series of courses mainly dedicated to beginners and newcomers on the techniques and methods of Machine Learning, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Initially, our objective was to help only those who wish to understand these techniques more easily and to be able to start without too much theory and without a long reading. Today we also publish a more complete course on some topics for a wider audience.

Introduction to Data Science and Machine Learning


Gain hands-on experience building a machine learning system and have a complete project you can add to your online data science portfolio, and code you can adapt to just about any machine learning problem you may encounter. This course is a comprehensive, foundational data science course where you'll learn everything you need to know to get started in data science. In this course you play the role of a data scientist for an online retailer, tasked with identifying sales trends and predicting future sales.

Machine Learning for Data Science - Udemy


Myself along with colleagues just published the Cool Vendors in Information Governance and MDM. Data and analytics leaders struggle to leverage data to drive innovation and govern their information assets effectively. New approaches suggest disruptive efforts to drive both innovation and effective governance will change the economics and complexity of innovation.