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Number of Homeless Students Soars

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The report does not weigh in on reasons for the continued increase in homelessness among students, but it does note certain student subgroups that experienced the most marked increases: The change in the unaccompanied homeless youth subgroup was the most extreme, with an increase of 25 percent.

Peer Pressure, Stereotypes Fuel Minority Students' Struggles

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Citing survey results from students in thousands of classrooms, Ferguson notes that when male minority students misbehave, they are often responding to peer pressure and were more likely to agree with the statement "I do things I don't want to do because of pressure from other students" than their other peers. Male students of color also reported more frequently pretending not to try for fear of what other students might say or think. Moreover, the report notes there is evidence that some teachers are inclined to approach male students of color more aggressively because of "group reputations for defiant behavior," especially when it comes to young black men. Interactions between students and teachers who do not know one another also can prove particularly problematic, it says. Compared with white male students with the same grade point averages, male minority students at every achievement level reported giving and receiving less respect when interacting in the hallways with teachers who may not know them, the report says.

War-weary Afghan students flock to Doha for Model UN

Al Jazeera

Doha, Qatar - Siar Khan Khankhail sat in a plane and travelled outside of his country for the first time on Sunday.

Game show to pay off student loan is proof we live in a 'Hunger Games' dystopia


You know that dystopia in which income inequality is so extreme that society invents a game show that forces the less wealthy people to fight one other for survival? You know, where unchecked capitalist greed has rendered higher education simultaneously unaffordable and a prerequisite to landing a decent job -- leaving 44 million citizens in debt that toals over $1.3 trillion, according to The Washington Post. Jennifer Lawrence won't be able to save us from this waking nightmare though. SEE ALSO: After Kennedy's retirement, are we entering'Handmaid's Tale' territory? TruTV airs the first episode of Paid Off on Tuesday, July 10.

Houston Students 'Excited' to Return to Classes After Harvey

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"We are working hard to make sure that we're going to be as normal as normal can be, given the circumstance. We know the quicker we can get students into a routine, it allows mom and dad to get into a routine. It allows the healing to begin," said Carranza after visiting with students at Codwell Elementary and helping serve some of them breakfast. "So we've burned the midnight oil for the last two weeks to make sure we can get as many schools up and running today."