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Yep, it's true: Facebook Collections, a competitor to Snapchat Discover, is on the way


Facebook is coming for Snapchat--specifically, Snapchat Discover--via the development of a new publisher program, according to a Business Insider report published Friday. A source familiar with the program's development has also confirmed its existence to Mashable. The social network is reportedly asking publishers to create more content for them within a new feature called Collections. The feature would include curated stories from individual publishers that would appear in Facebook's News Feed, according to potential Collections partners Business Insider's Alex Heath spoke with, as well as documentation of the program reviewed by him, too. At face-value, Collections resembles the development of Twitter's Moments and, of course, Snapchat's Discover.

A Robot Arm Assistant At Your Desk? Future Blink


Sign in to report inappropriate content. This modular robotic arm from Rotrics works by using coding, with users dragging and placing code blocks in Blockly, a coding program. Mashable is your source for the latest in tech, culture, and entertainment. Follow us: Check out

Joe Biden's website has a hidden message about face masks


Presidential Joe Biden has a very important message on his website, but you won't find it unless you do a little digging. Mashable had a little peek at the source code of Biden's official website, and came across a pertinent coronavirus PSA. To see this Easter egg, simply visit, There you'll find simple ASCII block letters asking people to "WEAR A MASK" -- a very familiar phrase we've all been screaming for months. If you don't already own a mask or six, the website's source code also includes the web address for a $20 official Biden face mask in the Team Joe Store.