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It makes a huge difference if you present your data science work with clean code, amazing graphs and Markdowns(WoW)!!! We often get so indulge in getting things done that we forget about the representation. Markdowns in Jupyter notebooks beautify them and also improves the readability of the code. Remember to add graphs and plots but also don't forget the markdowns. Beautiful plots in notebooks are great, but it is even better to have beautiful exploratory texts.

Tips and tricks in RStudio and R Markdown


If you have the chance to work with an experienced programmer, you may be amazed by how fast she can write code. In this article, I share some tips and shortcuts you can use in RStudio and R Markdown to speed up the writing of your code. You most probably already know this shortcut but I still mention it for new R users. Note that if you want to comment more than one line, select all the lines you want to comment then use the shortcut. If you want to uncomment a comment, apply the same shortcut.

Doorbuster Discounts Unlikely at Small Retailers This Season

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Many small and independent retailers find that big markdowns don't motivate people to shop at their stores or websites. Or, they can't afford to use them -- unlike national chains, they don't have the high volume of sales allowing them to slash prices without hurting earnings. Retailers who want their stores to have a certain cachet also believe slashing prices may lessen their appeal. And some store owners don't want to play cat and mouse with customers, continually lowering prices until shoppers finally buy. Those who do give holiday markdowns often make them modest, or limit them to big days like Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday.

Bookdown: Authoring Books with R Markdown


It is not a comprehensive introduction to R Markdown or the knitr package (Xie 2016b), on top of which bookdown was built. To learn more about R Markdown, please check out the online documentation You do not have to be an expert of the R language (R Core Team 2016) to read this book, but you are expected to have some basic knowledge about R Markdown and knitr. To be able to customize the book templates and themes, you should be familiar with LaTeX, HTML and CSS.

H&M Q1 Profits Slump on Lower Prices and Markdowns

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Swedish low-cost fashion brand Hennes & Mauritz AB says its first-quarter profit plummeted 44 percent after it was forced to cut prices and make markdowns due to higher than expected garment inventories.