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How this AI-powered auto-completer is helping developers write 25% less code


You might've seen people on the internet saying "it's like my autocomplete gets me." Indeed, Keyboard protection AI has come a long way so much so that it can almost complete your sentences. So, why shouldn't developers get the benefit of auto-complete too? For years, IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) have tried to make development quicker by predicting the next part of a developer's code. Now, startups like Codota are using AI to help developers with code completion on any code editor.

JavaScript programming language developers: This is Kite's new free AI code-completion tool


Startup Kite has expanded its AI-powered code-completion product beyond Python to JavaScript, the most widely used programming language. It's also launched a new paid-for version of Kite for Python and says it now has 250,000 monthly active users of its Python product. Kite's code completion has supported Python for six years. Last January, the company landed $10m in funding – taking its total funding to $17m – as it launched more complex line-of-code completions for Python, which help predict the next several code elements developers are likely to type. Kite is the programmers' equivalent to Google's Smart Compose suggestions in Gmail.

A First Experience Working with an AI Assistant in Java Baeldung


I started using Codota recently, and have been highly impressed with what the tool can do. Simply put, the goal of Codota is to make development simpler, and most importantly – a lot faster. Working through an implementation with the tool helping in the background is just a lot less time intensive. The best I can describe it is – Codota is learning as I'm writing code, and helping me code better. It's using AI and machine learning under the hood, and it basically gives relevant suggestions, as I'm working.

Top Machine Learning Software Tools for Developers - KDnuggets


Today, programmers interested in machine learning potential talk about building apps with artificial intelligence and the tools for AI-based software development. Good examples include solutions like PyTorch and TensorFlow, among others. However, machine learning technology is affecting the programming world in yet another interesting way. We are talking about recent software development solutions that employ machine learning algorithms to ease and streamline the work of developers. Three of them are already selling on the market, while the other two are still in the testing phase.