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Elon Musk shakes up Tesla as another Model S faces crash queries

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The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a crash and fire involving a Telsa Model S car. Two teens died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida crash on Tuesday. The probe is not expected to involve Tesla's semi-autonomous Autopilot system. A Tesla sedan with a semi-autonomous Autopilot feature rear-ended a fire department truck at 60 mph (97 kph) apparently without braking before impact on May 11, 2018, but police say it's unknown if the Autopilot feature was engaged. SAN FRANCISCO -- Tesla's week started with a bang Monday as CEO Elon Musk announced a management "flattening" designed to meet make-or-break manufacturing goals while Utah police investigated why a Model S hit a stopped fire truck at 60 mph.

A self-driving truck just drove from Los Angeles to Jacksonville


Embark, a San Francisco start-up, completed a coast-to-coast test drive of its autonomous semi-truck, the company announced on Tuesday. It drove from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Florida, in the test drive, covering around 2,400 miles without relying on a human driver on the freeway.

IBM sticks Watson AI into 3D-printed driverless car called Olli TheINQUIRER


IBM HAS STUFFED its Watson artificial intelligence (AI) tech into a 3D printed car, merging two tech trends to create a self-driving pseudo milk float. The electric vehicle, dubbed Olli, can hold up to 12 people rather than a load of bottled cow juice, and can be seen on the streets of Washington DC, and soon Miami-Dade County and Las Vegas. OK, so we know that driverless cars are pretty much a thing now, particularly as we spotted one near Google's Mountain View HQ. But the smart thing about Olli is its use of Watson Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive, a version of the cognitive computing tech that allows people to talk to the vehicle. Passengers can ask Olli the evergreen'Are we there yet?' and it will answer, hopefully in a mildly exasperated voice.