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Dubai Chamber announces deadline for 3rd Dubai Smartpreneur Competition


Dubai, UAE: The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced April 9th 2018 as the deadline for receiving applications for the third edition of the Dubai Smartpreneur Competition, which was launched recently in cooperation with the Smart Dubai Office. This year, the competition is seeking business ideas in three categories, namely – Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation. Entries will be evaluated by a panel of expert judges who will select the submissions offering the most potential. The Dubai Smartpreneur Competition falls in line with Dubai Chamber's comprehensive strategy that aims to nurture and develop Dubai's entrepreneurial eco-system. Launched as an initiative of Dubai Chamber in 2016, Dubai Startup Hub is an interactive platform that connects startups, entrepreneurs, developers, venture capitalists and students, enabling them to learn about new opportunities and create new partnerships that stimulate economic growth.

Flames Engulf 86-Story Residential Skyscraper in Dubai

U.S. News

An Associated Press journalist near the scene of early Friday's blaze said more than 40 floors of the high-rise tower appeared to be engulfed in flames on one side of the building. Residents of the building could be seen crying with several saying the fire broke just after 1 a.m.

Flames Engulf 86-Story Residential Skyscraper in Dubai

U.S. News

The high-rise residential tower has caught fire in the middle of the night, sending plumes of black smoke into the air and debris falling below.

Fire at 75-story Dubai skyscraper caught on video

FOX News

Part of a 75-story skyscraper in Dubai went up in flames Wednesday marking the third such blaze this year. The flames raged for hours before crews could get it under control. Some buildings in the city may use flammable exterior cladding for insulation, which could help fires to spread, according to local reports. It was unclear what caused Wednesday's fire. Witnesses saw flames tearing up the side of the building, engulfing about 15 floors.

Futuristic Dubai office showcases 3-D printing's potential

Associated Press

A small group of employees in Dubai is starting to move into a new workspace that the emirate says is the world's first functional office building made using three-dimensional printer technology. Looking like a mashup of a "Jetsons" abode and an Apple Store, the compact office was printed out layer by layer over 17 days at a cost of 140,000, said Saif al-Aleeli, the CEO of a government initiative called the Dubai Future Foundation that is behind the project. Products made using 3-D printing are first designed on a computer and then printed out using a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and concrete. But the foundation says its Dubai office is the first "fully functional 3-D printed building," constructed with full services and meant for daily use.