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Building Intelligent Enterprises with SAP Business One


Luis Margules: We can do a long story about machine learning, RUT, artificial intelligence, and so forth and they would be true because those are the technologies powering the intelligence enterprise revolution. From my point of view, the intelligent enterprise is about two things. One is about the employees and allowing them to shift from repetitive low-value activities to high-value impactful activities. And the second is about the customer experience. The ability to create an environment for customers to interact with customers and feel a thrill in doing so.

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BOING is an Artificial Intelligent Chatbot service platform which helps the customers to register motor claim, get policy soft copy, check policy status (Motor & Health), check claim status, locate co..

BLOG: Artificial Intelligence May Help Enterprise Imaging


After languishing for years, enterprise imaging appears ready to enter the mainstream of health care. AI Hot Spots: Where Is Artificial Intelligence Heading Now? – InformationWeek

Enterprise Applications of Artificial Intelligence


Much of our conception of Artificial Intelligence or AI has been shaped by popular movies: from the homicidal Red Queen of "Resident Evil", to the J.A.R.V.I.S. operating system / virtual butler that provides logistical support to "Iron Man".