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Empowering Latina scientists


The #MeToo movement and other women's empowerment movements have raised awareness about hostile conditions for women scientists, stimulating revisions of norms of conduct for scientific societies and institutions (1, 2). Specific problems confronted by female researchers, however, are often deeply rooted in national and regional culture. Latin American women scientists, for example, are immersed in a society where culturally ingrained masculine pride ("machismo") is normalized (3, 4) and deeply intertwined with the scientific endeavor. Dismissal of women's contributions, patronizing behavior, and objectification of women's bodies are entrenched attitudes in Latin American society (5), often extending into academic settings (6). Machismo promotes sexist attitudes that often pass unnoticed.

Top 10 Strategies to Attract and Retain Data Scientists in 2020


Let's accept the fact that data scientists are in short supply, difficult to find and tougher to retain! It could be a vexing challenge to retain a data science professional who is spending on an average of one to two hours per week looking for new jobs and interacting with potential employers. They are often millennials who are passionate about technology, learning to show their knowledge and calibre to the world. So how does an enterprise ensure that they have enterprise loyalty and don't add to the attrition rates? The new joiners are people who want to learn something new, they get bored easily if they are asked to do the same route-based work every day. Sr. Data Scientist

@machinelearnbot is looking for data savvy professionals to join our team of data scientists. As a Senior Data Scientist, you will be working with stakeholders throughout the company to translate business needs into tangible data science projects. You will be hands on and act as a thought leader in a particular domain of expertise. You'll also mentor new and more junior co-workers on the skills they need to build successful careers at If you consider yourself to be that unique hybrid of data hacker, business strategist, communicator and mentor that maintains a strong customer focus and values pragmatism over perfection, then we'd like to hear from you.

Stop Hiring Data Scientists if you're not ready for Data Science


I had yet another call today with a brilliant data scientist working inside of a Human Resources Department of a major business. This HR data scientist has both a strong analytics and predictive analytics background. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Statistics and a Master's Degree in Predictive Analytics. She is also excited about applying data science from other domains, to solve interesting workforce optimization challenges. She applied for a quantitative HR role that promised to let her use her skills and interest in solving difficult employee-based challenges.