New Der SPIEGEL Cover explained: The Age of Fire and Fury

Der Spiegel International

"Fire and Fury" is the title of the new exposé of Donald Trump's first year in the White House. The tome has only been out for a few days, and yet it has already established itself as one of the books of the year. Even we journalists find ourselves describing the book's contents as "indescribable" and "unfathomable." Can the world's most powerful man really be dumb, senile and addicted to television as the book claims? He spends his early evenings watching three televisions in his bedroom? And yet, it's still the journalist's job to describe the indescribable and fathom the unfathomable.

Social Design Award 2018: The Final Dash in Our Readers' Competition!

Der Spiegel International

A growing number of people are joining together in neighborhood networks, meeting up at house parties organized for neighbors, getting involved on behalf of those needing help and bringing life to their neighborhood through associations and initiatives. SPIEGEL ONLINE and SPIEGEL WISSEN magazine, in cooperation with the home improvement retailer BAUHAUS, are now looking for the best projects, activities and initiatives for the Social Design Award that aim to transform mere coexistence into a community of neighbors. We would love to have you participate. All you have to do is send us your proposal by August 31! Two prizes will be awarded, each with a purse of 2,500 euros.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel says charges of sexism at his company are a 'wake-up call'

Los Angeles Times

Snap Inc. Chief Executive and co-founder Evan Spiegel said a widely-shared email by a former software engineer who accused the company of harboring a "sexist" and "toxic" workplace culture was a "wake-up call" that has already prompted change at the Venice firm.

2019 Social Design Award: Good Ideas for How We Want To Live

Der Spiegel International

What best suits the way we see our life plans unfolding? And how can we build new ones or adapt ones that already exist to fit in with these ideas? More specifically: How do we want to live? That's the very theme of this year's Social Design Award, which SPIEGEL WISSEN and SPIEGEL ONLINE are hosting in partnership with BAUHAUS for the sixth time. We're seeking the best ideas and projects for the way we want to live in the future.

From 2013 - Snap's Spiegel on future

USATODAY - Tech Top Stories

In this #TalkingTech Rewind clip from 2013, we look back at our interview with Snap, Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel, shortly after the company set up in Venice Beach, for a talk about what was next for the company then known as Snapchat.