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What is Deep Learning and Neural Network


Neural Networks and Deep Learning are currently the two hot buzzwords that are being used nowadays with Artificial Intelligence. The recent developments in the World of Artificial intelligence can be attributed to these two as they have played a significant role in improving the intelligence of AI. Look around, and you will find more and more intelligent machines around. Thanks to Neural Networks and Deep Learning, jobs and capabilities that were once considered the forte of humans are now being performed by machines. Today, Machines are no longer made to eat more complex algorithms, but instead, they are fed to develop into an autonomous, self-teaching systems capable of revolutionizing many industries all around.

What is deep learning? And how is it different from AI? – IAM Network


Deep learning enables programs to train themselves to understand images and speech. But what exactly is it? Used by Siri, Cortana and Google Now to understand speech and recognise faces, deep learning is often confused with the concept of artificial intelligence (AI), so much so that the two terms are thought to be synonymous. Deep learning is a branch of machine learning, which in turn is a subset of AI. Take a plunge into the depths of deep learning Born with the development of computers, research in AI was quickly characterised by the emergence of different currents.

Deep Learning And Neural Networks


If you've been following developments over the last few years, you may have noticed that deep learning and neural networks have grown wildly. Neural network architecture is able to make predictive judgments in in sports, medicine and the financial sector.