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Vizio's new 4K TV is 6,000 and worth every penny

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As the young folk say, the Vizio Reference Series is pretty hype. The vaunted 4K TVs first graced the stage during CES 2014, grabbing AV enthusiasts' attention and refusing to let go. But then 2014--and 2015--came and went with hardly a peep about Vizio's darling, save for a brief appearance last April when the company debuted surprise prototypes of the 65- and 120-inch Reference Series TVs in NYC. The TVs became available for special order shortly after, suggesting a masterfully timed release that would hit the market just in time to take advantage of the growing tide of new TV standards like HDR.. We've finally got the 65-inch Reference Series (Vizio RS65-B2, MSRP: 5,999) in our lab and have set Vizio's paragon to boil after two years of simmering. Does it really deserve the title of "Reference Series?"

Look it up! Codes Associated with Public Data Sets


An introductory statistics class will characterize data elements into two classes – those that describe what is being measured, and the measurements themselves. The descriptive elements, though, are a muddle of terms and methods. This discussion will call it all reference data, and focus on the volume of this information that is public and commonly shared. The article concludes with a list of sources that should be valuable to anyone using public data sets. A following article will discuss the uses of these elements for design, analysis, quality and control.

How many ABBA references can you squeeze into a minute?

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There's no confirmation BBC bosses asked Entertainment Correspondent Lizo Mzimba to do just that when the Swedish super-group announced they had written their first new material in 35 years.

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See also: The Journal of Philosophy > Vol. 74, No. 9, Sep., 1977 > Randomness and the Right ClassPhilosophy of Science, 50, 374–397