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Databricks Open Sources MLflow to Simplify Machine Learning Lifecycle


Databricks today unveiled MLflow, a new open source project that aims to provide some standardization to the complex processes that data scientists oversee during the course of building, testing, and deploying machine learning models. "Everybody who has done machine learning knows that the machine learning development lifecycle is very complex," Apache Spark creator and Databricks CTO Matei Zaharia said during his keynote address at Databricks' Spark and AI Summit in San Francisco. "There are a lot of issues that come up that you don't have in normal software development lifecycle." The vast volumes of data, together with the abundance of machine learning frameworks, the large scale of production systems, and the distributed nature of data science and engineering teams, combine to provide a huge number of variables to control in the machine learning DevOps lifecycle -- and that even before the tuning. "They have all these tuning parameters that you have to change and explore to get a good model," Zaharia said.

Scalable End-to-End Deep Learning using TensorFlow and Databricks: On-Demand Webinar and FAQ Now Available! - The Databricks Blog


On July 9th, our team hosted a live webinar--Scalable End-to-End Deep Learning using TensorFlow and Databricks--with Brooke Wenig, Data Science Solutions Consultant at Databricks and Sid Murching, Software Engineer at Databricks. In this webinar, we walked you through how to use TensorFlow and Horovod (an open-source library from Uber to simplify distributed model training) on the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform to build a more effective recommendation system at scale. If you missed the webinar, you can view it now as well download the slides here. If you'd like free access Databricks Unified Analytics Platform and try our notebooks on it, you can access a free trial here. Toward the end, we held a Q&A, and below are all the questions and their answers.

Databricks Runtime 5.3 ML Now Generally Available - The Databricks Blog


We are excited to announce the general availability (GA) of Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning, as part of the release of Databricks Runtime 5.3 ML. It offers native integration with popular ML/DL frameworks, such as scikit-learn, XGBoost, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Horovod, etc. In addition to pre-configuring these popular frameworks, DBR ML makes these frameworks easier to use, more reliable, and more performant. Since we introduced Databricks Runtime for Machine Learning in preview in June 2018, we've witnessed exponential adoption in terms of both total workloads and the number of users. Close to 1000 organizations have tried Databricks Runtime ML preview versions over the past ten months.

Apache Spark sets out to standardize distributed machine learning training, execution, and deployment


We called it Machine Learning October Fest. Last week saw the nearly synchronized breakout of a number of news centered around machine learning (ML): The release of PyTorch 1.0 beta from Facebook,, Not accidentally, last week was also the time when Spark and AI Summit Europe took place. Its title this year has been expanded to include AI, attracting a lot of attention in the ML community. Apparently, it also works as a date around which ML announcements are scheduled.

Spark Summit 2018 Preview: Putting AI up front, and giving R and Python programmers more respect


It shouldn't be surprising given the media spotlight on artificial intelligence, but AI will be all over the keynote and session schedule for this year's Spark Summit. The irony, of course, is that while Spark has become known as a workhorse for data engineering workloads, its original claim to fame was that it put machine learning on the same engine as SQL, streaming, and graph. But Spark has also had its share of impedance mismatch issues, such as making R and Python programs first-class citizens, or adapting to more compute-intensive processing of AI models. Of course, that hasn't stopped adventurous souls from breaking new ground. Hold those thoughts for a moment.