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GRC, which stands for Governance, Risk, and Compliance is widespread in the cybersecurity space today. This is as a result of industry standards organizations and governments responding to data breach landscape. The new requirements of compliance are crucial in the creation of a risk management plan that is extremely effective. Another way to look at GRC is as an approach with structures to align Information Technology with business objectives at the same time manage risk and comply with the requirements. Governance: Ensures that all organization activities align to support the long-term business goals.

Artificial Intelligence and Internal Audit: A Pragmatic Perspective - The Protiviti View


Companies have high hopes for transformational technologies, especially those that leverage the vast amount of data being collected. Approaches using methods such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning are becoming increasingly accessible and gaining significant traction, as they allow for deep insights to be extracted from large and varied data sets. As noted in the 2019 IT Audit survey by Protiviti and ISACA, this transformation has the potential to fuel long-term growth. However, as Protiviti's recent global AI survey reveals, most companies are still at the starting gate when it comes to figuring out the answers to basic questions: What are the possible use cases for AI? Can we measure ROI? What data do we have and how usable is it?

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The Sr. Analyst, Data Analytics will support global internal audit teams providing meaningful data intelligence and successfully employing the use of data analytics in audit activities. These activities cover all functions within Hilton Worldwide globally. The Data Analytics Senior Analyst will perform data analytic activities in support of multiple audit and forensics teams, as well as, building and maintaining the departments continuous auditing and monitoring efforts. What will I be doing? Part data scientist, part expert communicator, the Data Analytics Senior Analyst position will work with the Internal Audit department on a project by project basis to automate testing and perform analysis on large datasets through the use of data mining software and other data analysis tools.

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JOIN US AS A SR DATA ANALYTICS – AUDIT OPERAITONS About this opportunity This role will be a member of the internal audit operations team and work to mature the use of data analytics across the internal audit department. The individual will participate in the development and execution of data analytics solutions according to the strategy set forth by internal audit data analytics management. The candidate will also train audit staff to increase their data analytics knowledge and work to increase the profile of data analytics across Target in support of the Senior Manager. This role requires a candidate to have strong collaborative skills, project management and organization, technical skills and a focus on quality delivery. As a successful candidate you will take part in these activities Internal Audit Strategy and Maturity · Develop and drive Audit Data Analytics quality, continuous improvement and knowledge sharing to Internal Audit Stakeholders · Execute on Data Analytics strategy and provide timely and constructive feedback · Suggest practical ways of improving audit work through the use of analytics · Understand the needs of audit team members and enterprise direction and make decisions using this knowledge.

Can Internal Auditing Become Agile? Seven Keys To Thinking The Unthinkable

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While there has been much talk about business operations becoming Agile, we are now hearing talk of Agile happening in places you might not expect. Most of us don't normally think of the internal audit function of a large corporation as anything remotely agile or nimble. Instead the phrase "internal audit" is likely to conjure up images of bureaucrats with green eye-shades, who follow rules for rule's sake, with a fetish for finding tiny flaws, while consistently missing the forest for the trees. They are the defenders of the rule book, the fighters for compliance, the true believers in bureaucracy. They are precisely the kind of people who prevent large organizations from becoming nimble.