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Researchers want social media platforms to archive COVID-19 misinformation to study public health

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Researchers are calling on social media companies and other content sharing services to archive misinformation about coronavirus to study how it affects public health. The Center's for Democracy and Technology says 75 organizations have signed an open letter to ask social media and content-sharing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to preserve information on COVID-19 that is deemed to be misleading even after it's been taken down. Coronavirus misinformation has proliferated on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and has stoked efforts to remove phony reports and hoaxes before they're spread to the public (stock) 'The importance of accurate information during this pandemic is clear. But knowledge about the novel coronavirus is rapidly evolving,' writes the CDT in a statement. 'This is also an unprecedented opportunity to study how online information flows ultimately affect health outcomes, and to evaluate the macro- and micro-level consequences of relying on automation to moderate content in a complex and evolving information environment.'