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West Virginia Rejects Appalachian Power's Wind Farm Proposal

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Appalachian announced its plan to buy an under-development wind farm in each state in 2017. It proposed financing the development with an almost $85 million surcharge spread out over a decade. Appalachian spokeswoman Jeri Matheney says the company's disappointed in the decision.

South Dakota Residents Oppose Minnesota Wind Farm Proposal

U.S. News

U.K.-based Renewable Energy Systems' Bitter Root Wind Project calls for raising 44 of the skyscraper-sized machines in Minnesota's Yellow Medicine County, near the South Dakota border. The turbines are capable of generating 50 percent more energy than the average U.S. turbine, the Minnesota Public Radio reported.

German climate proposals could put an end to no-limit Autobahns


Germany's Autobahns are legendary for segments with no speed limits, but you might have to wave goodbye to those unfettered driving experiences. Reuters has obtained draft proposals from a transport committee that would cap speeds at 130km/h (about 80MPH) in a bid to curb emissions and mitigate climate change. That's still quite fast, but it might dampen the enthusiasm of someone trying to push their Porsche to the max. The proposals would also scrap tax breaks for diesels, raise fuel taxes by 2023 and set quotas for electric and hybrid car sales. The committee is only due to report is findings in March ahead of a later climate change law.

Federal Gov't Holds N Carolina Meeting on Drilling Proposal

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The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is holding local events across the country about a proposal by President Donald Trump's administration to open more waters to drilling. The North Carolina meeting starts Monday afternoon at a Raleigh hotel.

McLean County to Hold Hearing on Wind Farm Proposal

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The company submitted paperwork for a permit to allow construction to start in the next two years. The wind farm would be built across more than 100 parcels on about 13,000 acres in Chenoa, Gridley, Lawndale, Lexington and Money Creek townships.