Salesforce Introduces new Services Including AI-Based Einstein at Dreamforce Conference


Salesforce unveiled a number of new products and services at its annual event on Wednesday in San Francisco. The company is looking to increase its clout in the burgeoning Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things segments. Salesforce is also integrating its operations by consolidating several of its core components under one umbrella. The most prominent offering at the conference was its AI platform called Einstein. The company dubbed the platform as "artificial intelligence for everyone."

4 Key Roles on Agile Software Development Teams

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Agile teams work with a sense of urgency that is tough to match. That's because responding to change is their core value. They know how quickly today's software market moves. So, they use adaptive planning to practice dynamic software development. And each role on an Agile team helps to form a cohesive whole.

Internship - Big Data / Machine Learning/


We are looking for an intern (m/f) who would like to work on Artificial Intelligence with focus on Big Data Analytic starting in July 2016 for approx. The tasks will be: · Install, learn and setup tool chain for data analysis (e.g. R Studio or Matlab Simulink) · Learn and develop scripts for preparing and analyzing data (e.g. in R, Matlab or Python) · Learn and investigate machine learning algorithms for data processing · Document results and present them to other students and development team · Student (m/f) in the field of Engineering, Mathematics, Information Technology or comparable disciplines · Confident in handling script languages like R, Python or Matlab · Experience with Hadoop / Spark is advantageous · Fluent written and spoken English and good knowledge in German · Experience with basic statistical concepts and machine learning algorithms is advantageous · Eagerness to learn and develop new technologies, specially related to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analytics · High motivation, team-, organizational- and communication skills

Is Information Technology Dying? - DZone Big Data


First, you need to have an open mind, there is no point deluding oneself that common patterns will work in the future. I think everything will change ever faster. Perhaps those young people who have come here today to take part in the workshops and competition represent the last generation for whom driving will be a common skill. For the next generation, it might just be a hobby like horseback riding for us, and most people will have cars which will drive themselves to the destination point. And that means you have to be very open to change.