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Why Cloud Versions Of On-Premises Software Are Taking A Great Leap Forward.

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While the migration to software in the cloud is rapidly changing businesses, it is also an incredible opportunity for refactoring and redesign to make a great leap forward, especially for companies that are migrating from on-premises versions to the cloud. In making this transition, vendors not only have the opportunity to make that software better by adopting the characteristics of the cloud, but also by embracing enhancements in the cloud that were never before possible in on-premises model. SoftwareONE's PyraCloud Platform, a software portfolio management platform, is an example of such a migration. In moving to the cloud, SoftwareONE has added standard aspects of the cloud to PyraCloud but also expanded the power of the software by improving, making specific product enhancements and in ways that are only possible in the cloud. The PyraCloud evolution has a lot to tell us about the potential of cloud software as a whole that should be instructive for vendors and for CIOs and CTOs who are migrating internal applications to the cloud.

Five Reasons Why Cloud-Based Collections Software is Vital in a Time of Crisis -- Lateral


During a time of crisis debt collections software can provide a lifeline to collectors, mitigating the devastating impact of COVID-19 and making their long-term operations more efficient too. Here are five reasons why cloud-based collections software is vital in a time of crisis. During the unprecedented times initiated by the COVID-19 outbreak, large portions of the population have been working from home. This is when the flexible capabilities of cloud-based software are illustrated. When your employees can effectively manage and operate from their homes using software that's "in the cloud" your organisation can continue to thrive.

The Cloud is the Future of Software Delivery - ReadWrite


On-premises software installation is taking its final breath. In just a short time, the cloud will completely dominate the software delivery market. Why are cloud computing delivery models so definitively poised for domination? They are simply more effective -- for the software provider and the customer -- than any other delivery method available. The benefits and applications are boundless, and more and more companies are leaning in and pushing their competitors to do the same.



Remember when software was sold, shipped and installed from boxes of disks and documentation? The shift to cloud, and specifically Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery, changed that; it also changed the way software was designed, priced, sold, and licensed. While many software vendors fought the demand for cloud services, its disruption also came with unique benefits.