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Online shopping drives demand for warehousing space

BBC News

The popularity of online shopping has contributed to a near doubling in demand for warehouse space over the past 10 years, according to figures from property research firm CBRE. About 235 million sq ft of warehouse space was leased or purchased between 2007 and March 2018 - equivalent to more than 3,000 Wembley Stadiums. That figure is up from about 130 million sq ft in the previous decade. About 60% of the space is now used by retailers, according to CBRE. Ten years ago, retailers accounted for about a third of the space.

Police make first arrest using facial recognition surveillance cameras at Cardiff Millennium stadium


Police have made their first arrest based on facial recognition technology, a system that is controversial but could identify terrorism suspects in real time. South Wales police said that they arrested a local man with an outstanding warrant last week after cameras identified him from his features as he passed a surveillance van. The arrest came as officers were preparing to use cameras fitted on vehicles to film the faces of football fans attending the Champions League final at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff on Saturday. The force has received Home Office funding to pilot the technology from the NEC security business. Success could lead to a national rollout.

The £2.6m Israeli 'Drone Dome' system that the Army used to defeat the Gatwick UAV

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The Army used a cutting-edge Israeli anti-drone system to defeat the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that brought misery to hundreds of thousands of people at Gatwick airport. The British Army bought six'Drone Dome' systems for £15.8 million in 2018 and the technology is used in Syria to destroy ISIS UAVs. Police had been seen on Thursday with an off-the-shelf DJI system that tracks drones made by that manufacturer and shows officers where the operator is (DJI is the most popular commercial drone brand.) However, the drone used at Gatwick is thought to have been either hacked or an advanced non-DJI drone, which rendered the commercial technology used by the police useless. At that point, the Army's'Drone Dome' system made by Rafael was called in.

Woman, 79, jailed for neighbour harassment

BBC News

A 79-year-old woman has been jailed for 28 days following what officials have described as a "campaign of intimidation" against her neighbours. Kathleen Neal, of Castle Donington, Leicestershire, sprayed weed killer and poured urine on to plants belonging to her neighbour Susan Brookes. CCTV shows Neal pushing over her neighbour's plant pots, having removed a fence panel. She was sentenced in her absence at Nottingham County Court on Monday. Neal was also ordered to pay legal costs of £4,323 after seven breaches of an injunction placed on her in 2016.