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DigitalGenius raises $14.75 million to bring artificial intelligence to customer service


DigitalGenius, a fledgling artificial intelligence (AI) startup that's setting out to automate many facets of customer service, has announced a $14.75 million series A funding round led by Global Founders Capital, with participation from Salesforce Ventures, MMC Ventures, Paua Ventures, Kairos, Runa Capital, RRE Ventures, Lumia Capital, Compound, Spider Capital, and Lerer Hippeau Ventures.

KLM Partners With DigitalGenius to Bring AI to Social Servicing


Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days. In this industry, investment grew more than 3-fold since 2013, and new services and applications for it are appearing every week. These two facts alone provide plenty of reason to believe that AI is here to stay and will influence businesses quite a bit. Now, news coming from Amstelveen (Netherlands) and San Francisco (USA) report that the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is testing AI in customer service through social media, taking the next step in social servicing. To do so, KLM is using DigitalGenius' AI, integrating it in its customer relationship management tool.

Artificial intelligence driving KLM's social media strategy: Travel Weekly


Dutch carrier KLM, already an airline industry leader in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to field customer service inquiries through social media channels, can now deal with many social media interactions without a live agent.

KLM trials artificial intelligence as social media assistant


KLM is piloting DigitalGenius' artificial intelligence (AI) system to help staff respond to the significant number of questions that it receives on social media. When an agent needs to answer an incoming question, he or she gets a proposed answer through AI, which is trained on more than 60,000 KLM questions and answers. The agent then decides whether that is the right answer, can adjust it if necessary and can then send it across the appropriate social network. The AI system learns based on the responses from the agents, meaning it should generate more accurate proposed answers in the future. KLM says it receives around 100,000 mentions each week on social media and has a team of 235 social media service agents.

KLM makes artificial intelligence a reality for assisting customers on social media: Travel Weekly


Dutch carrier KLM has begun using artificial intelligence (AI) to better serve the many customers who communicate with the airline via social media. "Applying AI, KLM can handle a greater volume of questions while still maintaining its personal approach and speed," Tjalling Smit, senior vice president, digital at Air France-KLM, said recently when announcing the technology. The carrier's move comes as flyers around the world increasingly use services such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Instagram to submit comments, complaints and questions to airlines. Carriers have had to adapt, employing teams of customer service agents to respond to postings both public and private. KLM has been a leader in that area.