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Ron Glass, 'Barney Miller' and 'Firefly' actor, dies at 71


Ron Glass, 'Barney Miller' and'Firefly' actor, dies at 71 Ron Glass, Emmy-nominated actor known for his roles in sitcom Barney Miller and the sci-fi western Firefly, has died at age 71. Glass' agent, Jeffrey Leavett, confirmed that the actor died of respiratory failure on Friday. SEE ALSO: Florence Henderson, beloved mom from'The Brady Bunch,' dies Glass' prolific acting career, which spanned decades across television, film and voiceovers, started off strong with appearances in popular shows like All in the Family, Hawaii Five-O and Sanford and Sons. Glass received his breakout role in 1975 as Detective Ron Harris in the sitcom, Barney Miller -- which scored him a Primetime Emmy nomination in 1982 -- and went on to do voiceover work for popular cartoons such as Rugrats, All Grown Up! and Proud Family. More recently, Glass has appeared in episodes of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Major Crimes and CSI.

[P]Glass A set of vision-based computing capabilities Real-time object recognition • r/MachineLearning


Introducing Glass Glass is a set of vision-based computing capabilities that allows your smartphone to understand what is in a photo. For instance, point your phone at an object and Glass will tell you what it is! This advanced Augmented Reality tool can recognise whatever you're looking at and offer any essential information you require. Glass goes a clear step by recognising a much greater range of objects, including natural stuff. Extra information such as breeds of dogs, flower species, etc would be implemented as the application grows.

What's the best YA series of all time? Round 4 of #OneTrueYA bracket


We're one step closer to finding the Internet's favorite YA series, and the results may surprise you. As we enter the semi-finals of our #OneTrueYA bracket, the Round 3 winners have been chosen and are the winners of their respective genres. Did your favorites make it? SEE ALSO: What's the best YA series of all time? As the competition got more heated, so did the tweets (though these authors are only feeling the love).

iPhone X Drop Tests Show Glass Cracks Without Buying A Case

International Business Times

No matter how many upgrades people get, they still drop their phones. And if your latest upgrade was for the iPhone X – you may be broke in more ways than one. Almost immediately after the phone became available Friday, several klutzy Apple consumers took to Twitter and other social media outlets to complain that the iPhone X breaks after even the most minor of drops. If you don't want to watch dozens of slow-motion test videos on YouTube, a link to a few are below. Most drops from eye-level (around 6 feet) are where the phones have traditionally begun to shatter.