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Fauci blasted by PETA for using monkeys in 'horrendous HIV experiments'

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Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday advised viewers of a CNN town hall to wear a mask indoors even if they've been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and received the vaccine booster. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci in a letter Thursday for allowing the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to continue using monkeys in HIV and AIDS vaccination experiments. The letter states that NIAID has been using macaques, a type of monkey, for experiments into a potential vaccine for HIV and AIDS for almost 40 years. "The macaque model for developing a vaccine for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has failed. After nearly 40 years of painful, deadly, expensive experiments -- a vaccine is still not on the market," the letter states.

Docker open sources container runtime and management program containerd


Docker has announced it's open-sourcing containerd (pronounced con-tay-ner-D). This is a key component of Docker Engine, its core container runtime with built in orchestration. Docker won't be going it alone. Leading cloud providers Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure are committing to providing maintainers and contributors to the project. But Microsoft's future is increasingly about the cloud and subscriptions, as its financials and corporate priorities show.

Deploying Machine Learning Models – pt. 2: Docker & TensorFlow Serving


To install Docker follow instructions provided on this page. Docker comes with the UI, which we will not consider in this article. We utilize only docker CLI, which comes with this installation as well. There are three important Docker components that you should be aware of: Docker container Image, Dockerfile and Docker Engine. Docker container image is a lightweight file-system that includes everything that the application needs to run.

Running UAS Sim in Docker Container


The purpose of article is to show the steps I took to get the gym-pybullet-drones environment to run on Windows using Docker. The environment is not officially supported although the repository README as tips for running on Windows, this can be alternate way to get it running with a lot of the headaches. The gym-pybullet-drones is a great environment for testing out Reinforcement Learning algorithms on drones. Running the environment in a workspace has the benefit of creating a workspace for that is portable to all platforms. First thing first, Install Docker and configure it to use WSL 2 as a backend.

Docker changes its subscription plans, usage rules, and product line


For all Docker's container technology popularity, Docker, the company, has its problems. First, Docker had trouble finding a working business plan. Then, Docker ran short of funds. In late 2019, it seems to have solved both problems by selling its Docker Enterprise product line and business to Mirantis. But, unable to catch a break, Docker was dropped from Kubernetes. That wasn't as much of a problem as it sounds, but it still left users concerned about Docker.