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Journalist Cokie Roberts in Columbia to Discuss Her Books

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On Friday, Roberts is scheduled to be at the Richland County Library's downtown branch to talk about some of the books she's written. The library says Roberts is joining the Deckle Edge Literary Festival to discuss the importance of women's history, as well as how her books for children grew naturally out of her adult offerings.

Canadian Man Sentenced for Smuggling Guns Via Border Library

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Alexis Vlachos is scheduled to appear Friday in federal court in Burlington. Last January he pleaded guilty to the smuggling charges. Some of the handguns were left in the bathroom of a library that straddles the border between Derby Line, Vermont, and Stanstead, Quebec. He also admitted walking across the border in remote areas with some of the handguns.

A Library Straddling the Border is Giving Immigrant Families a Safe Place to Reunite

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Girls can rock basketball sneakers, too. Nine-year-old Riley Morrison wanted to buy a pair of Steph Curry's famous sneakers, but when she couldn't find them in the girl's section on the Under Armour website, Morrison wrote a letter to the Golden State Warriors star. "I hope you can work with Under Armour to change this because girls want to rock the Curry 5's too," wrote Morrison. Curry replied in a tweet and told her they were "correcting" the oversight and asked her to come to Oakland on March 8 to celebrate International Women's Day with him.

I Told Her We Were Brought Over the Rio Grande on a Raft. I Never Called It a Smuggling.

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A man carries a child on his shoulders as part of a migrant caravan to the United States. This story was co-published by ProPublica and Guernica. The first stories we can correct are the ones we tell ourselves. My story, the one I have hung onto since I was a little girl, is that I got lucky. Luck made sense because luck can happen to anyone. Luck fit into the parts of my story I wasn't ready to explain, the parts that I surrendered to half-memories. I made it to this country because of luck. I grew up a janitor but then my parents got lucky and bought the business and I ended up a journalist. My citizenship came after I was undocumented for almost a decade, when I got lucky.

What Is The Largest Library In The World? 20 Things To Know About The British Library In London

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With over 160 million number of items cataloged, from books to manuscripts, "Google" the Library of Congress and one might find that it said to be the largest library in the world. Yet, another impressive structure in England is now boasting a larger assortment of documents, magazines, journals, newspapers and more. The British Library in London is the largest library in the world with well over 170 million cataloged items on its premise, according to various reports. With an infinite supply of reading material, the British Library is a must-see location for its vast catalog of items. Here are 20 quick facts about the world's largest library.