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Zelensky Visits Liberated Kherson, One Week After Russian Retreat

International Business Times

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the newly liberated province of Kherson on Monday, a week after Russian forces withdrew from the region. Kherson is one of the four Ukrainian territories Russian President Vladimir Putin announced in September would become part of Russia. The U.S. and other Western countries denounced the annexations, saying they violate international law. The southern Ukrainian region has no electricity or water. The area was the sole regional capital captured by Russia since the invasion began in February.

Zelensky Blasts Russian 'Terror' After Kherson City Shelled

International Business Times

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday blasted Russian "terror" after shelling on Christmas Eve left at least eight dead and 17 injured in Kherson city, which Kyiv's forces recaptured in November. Despite Russia's retreat from the southern port city, Kherson remains within reach of Moscow's weaponry and under constant threat. In the morning, on Saturday, on the eve of Christmas, in the central part of the city," Zelensky said on Telegram, publishing images of the attack and calling it "killing for the sake of intimidation and pleasure." "It is the real life of Ukraine... The world must see and understand what absolute evil we are fighting against," Zelensky said. On the day marking 10 months since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, a string of shelling rained down around a busy market, where a fire erupted.

Kherson protest against Russian occupiers brings hundreds to the streets: reports

FOX News

Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what's clicking on Undaunted by the presence of Russian troops in their city, as many as 2,000 residents of Kherson, Ukraine, took to the streets Saturday in a show of defiance and national unity, according to reports. "Russians go home!" and "Kherson is Ukraine!" were among the shouted slogans, the BBC reported. Kherson, located in southern Ukraine along the Black Sea, fell to the Russians last week, with the city's mayor estimating as many as 300 people were killed, with many of the bodies rendered unrecognizable because of the power of the invaders' weapons.

Ukrainian forces pile pressure on Russian-held Kherson

Associated Press

Ukrainian forces piled pressure on Russian positions in occupied Kherson, targeting resupply routes across a major river while inching closer Friday to making a full-scale assault on one of the first urban areas Russia captured after invading the country. As many as 2,000 Russian draftees have poured into the Kherson region - one of four provinces illegally annexed by Moscow - "to replenish losses and strengthen units on the front line," according to the Ukrainian army's general staff. The deputy head of the Kremlin-installed regional administration in Kherson, Kirill Stremousov, said Ukrainian shelling of a Dnieper River crossing killed at four civilians late Thursday. Vadim Ilmiyev, the top health official, said 13 others were wounded in the attack. Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for Ukraine's southern operational command, confirmed the Antonivskyi Bridge was struck but only after the start of a 10 p.m. local curfew to avoid civilian casualties.

Relief In Ukraine's Kherson After Russian Occupation

International Business Times

Ukrainians in the liberated southern city of Kherson expressed a sense of relief on Sunday as they adjusted to life under Kyiv authorities after months of Russian occupation. Residents said the Russians left a trail of destruction after an eight-month occupation, and an animal rights group said Moscow's forces had even stolen a racoon, wolves and squirrels from a local zoo. There were no scenes of jubilation on Sunday, an AFP correspondent said, but many locals said they felt a great sense of relief after Kyiv had wrested back control of the city. Residents queued to get food, and many adults and children walked around wrapped in Ukrainian flags. Some gathered on the city's main square, mostly to use Starlink satellite internet and connect with relatives.