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Top 11 Process Automation Terms


As automation, low-code, and artificial intelligence grow in terms of adoption the terminology, industry jargon, and acronyms are increasing at a rapid pace. Our team of process automation experts has compiled a list of the Top 11 automation terms to help you go from an automation novice to the subject matter expert in your company. In its pure sense, artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems which are self-aware, and capable of rational thought. However, in recent years, the term has been used more broadly to encapsulate the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially IT systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using that information), reasoning (using the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions), and self-correction (identifying that a course of action is proving or likely to prove unsuccessful and modifying that course).

Real Estate developers turn to IoT, Artificial Intelligence to woo home buyers


Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no longer buzzwords even for real estate developers as they increasingly deploy these as well as home automation to lure homebuyers. Developers are warming up to the idea of incorporating home automation products to their offering, a late addition to the standard amenities list so far. Given the cost factor, developers refrained from deploying these products earlier. A huge reduction in technology and deployment costs has been a clincher. Platforms that use cloud-based algorithms and sensor technologies monitoring indoor environment and alerting residents for corrective actions are also being deployed to bring wellness intelligence into the connected home environment.

Automation is coming – how will you survive?


How AI will disrupt the developer and IT-architect; and what can they do about it? You might be in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and surfing on the wave of brand new technology with no fear of "what's to come". We know that AI (Artificial Intelligence) with its Machine Learning and Cognitive Automation is surfacing below the deep unknown waters and that they will disrupt the industries within the transport, fast food, and farming sectors. We even know that the disruption will not only influence the blue-collar workers, but almost every job profile is also affected by accountants, lawyers, medical practitioner up to data scientists already in touch with AI. The questions we will treat here are, how will this AI revolution influence software development, and therefore the developer and IT-architect?

How AI Is Transforming Test Automation


Working on a software development team often means dealing with stress, anxiousness, and tight deadlines. Research has shown developers to have considerably higher chances of experiencing mental health issues than their counterparts, who perform mechanical tasks. Check out these nuggets of wisdom for stabilizing developers' mental health, shared by Beetroot's HR psychologist.