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Beginners Baseline Model for Machine Learning Project


What is a Baseline Model? We can define the baseline model as a reference to the actual model. The baseline model should be a simple model that acts as a comparison and is easy to explain. Moreover, the baseline model should be based on the dataset to create the actual model. Why do we want to have a baseline model in our project?

Machine learning aids banks in model compliance


Banks are increasingly turning to machine learning to cope with stricter risk-modeling regulations. "Even if you have a simple econometric model which you can explain to the regulator, you can also use your machine learning model as an alternative model and say, 'OK, I have checked and tested my other model with this machine learning model,' " says Mostafa Mostafavi of Credit Suisse.

Automating Machine Learning Pipelines


Creating a Machine Learning model is a difficult task because we need to write a lot of code to try different models and find out the performing model for that particular problem. There are different libraries that can automate this process to find out the best performing Machine Learning model but they also require some coding. What if I tell you that we can run multiple AutoML algorithms to find out the best model architecture for classification problems in a single code cell? Model search helps in implementing AutoML for classification problems. It runs multiple ML algorithms and compares them with each other.

Introduction to AI, Machine Learning and Python basics


Artificial Intelligence has already become an indispensable part of our everyday life, whether when we browse the Internet, shop online, watch videos and images on social networks, and even when we drive a car or use our smartphones. AI is widely used in medicine, sales forecasting, space industry and construction. Since we are surrounded by AI technologies everywhere, we need to understand how these technologies work. And for such understanding at a basic level, it is not necessary to have a technical or IT education. In this course, you will learn about the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

TensorFlow - Hands-on Machine Learning with TensorFlow


The Machine Learning Crash Course with TensorFlow APIs is a self-study guide for aspiring machine learning practitioners. Learn how to build Machine Learning projects in this TensorFlow Course created by The Click Reader. In this course, you will be learning about Scalar as well as Tensors and how to create them using TensorFlow. You will also be learning how to perform various kinds of Tensor operations for manipulating and changing tensor values. You will be learning how to create a Linear Regression model from scratch using TensorFlow.