Two U.S. F-15 fighter jets travelling at 520mph narrowly avoided midair crash with a police drone

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A police drone operator was forced to steer the device away from the path of an F-15 fighter jet travelling at nearly 520mph, a report has revealed. The Devon and Cornwall officer was convinced there would be a collision as the military jet came into view and then banked right above Throwleigh, Devon, on January 16. The Airprox board, which looks into near-misses, reported the 13lbs device was flying at an altitude of around 300ft when the pilot heard a fast jet approaching. 'He descended the drone as quickly as possible,' the report said. 'The jet came into view from right-to-left and seemed to pass by the drone at the same altitude; it looked like the jet was within 200m laterally of the drone.

Video shows Uber operator moments before self-driving car crash that killed pedestrian

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Tempe police have released two angles of a fatal crash involving a self-driving Uber SUV and a pedestrian on Sunday, March 18. PHOENIX -- The Tempe Police Department on Wednesday released a video that shows the moments before a self-driving Uber vehicle fatally hit a 49-year-old woman. The crash, which occurred about 10 p.m. Sunday on a street in Tempe, is believed to be the nation's first pedestrian death involving an autonomous vehicle. Police said the Uber vehicle was in autonomous mode when the crash happened. The vehicle had a backup operator behind the wheel, which is common in case the vehicle has to be taken out of self-driving mode.

Alton Towers operator Merlin fined 5m for Smiler crash

BBC News

The owners of Alton Towers theme park have been fined a record 5m for what was described as a "needless and avoidable crash". Merlin Attractions had admitted serious health and safety breaches after sixteen people were hurt in a collision on the Smiler ride in June last year. One of the victims Chanda Chauhan gave her reaction outside court.

Lawsuit Filed Against Operators of Limo in Fatal NY Crash

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The lawsuit claims that limousine operators kept it on the road after it failed inspection for brake problems and other issues. A windshield sticker placed on the limousine by state transportation officials deeming the vehicle "unserviceable" was removed before the accident, according to the lawsuit.

One year on, police closer to handing case of deadly Nagano bus crash to prosecutors

The Japan Times

Nagano – A year after a deadly tour bus crash in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, local police are close to sending the case to public prosecutors, with next month eyed as the earliest possible date. The Nagano Prefectural Police believe that Tokyo-based bus operator ESP had reasonable grounds for anticipating the possibility of an accident, police sources said. The crash left 15 people dead, including 13 college students on a ski trip and the two drivers, and injured 26 others. Authorities plan to hand prosecutors papers charging the company's president and its operations manager at the time with professional negligence resulting in deaths and injuries. The 65-year-old driver who was at the wheel at the time is also expected to be named posthumously in the papers.