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Timeline of Recent Events in Catalonia's Independence Drive

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With'esteladas', the pro-independence Catalan flag, on the ir backs, youngsters attend a closing campaign rally for the'Yes' vote in the independence referendum in Barcelona, Spain, Friday Sept. 29, 2017. Catalonia's planned referendum on secession is due be held Sunday by the pro-independence Catalan government but Spain's government calls the vote illegal, since it violates the constitution, and the country's Constitutional Court has ordered it suspended.

China Blames 'Independence Activists' for Axing of Taiwan Olympic Event

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It added that the scrapping was linked to a campaign by Taiwan NGOs seeking a referendum on whether the island should participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the name "Taiwan", rather than "Chinese Taipei", which had been agreed by both sides for previous Olympic events.

Causal Modeling Artificial Intelligence

Causal Models are like Dependency Graphs and Belief Nets in that they provide a structure and a set of assumptions from which a joint distribution can, in principle, be computed. Unlike Dependency Graphs, Causal Models are models of hierarchical and/or parallel processes, rather than models of distributions (partially) known to a model builder through some sort of gestalt. As such, Causal Models are more modular, easier to build, more intuitive, and easier to understand than Dependency Graph Models. Causal Models are formally defined and Dependency Graph Models are shown to be a special case of them. Algorithms supporting inference are presented. Parsimonious methods for eliciting dependent probabilities are presented.

EU's Tusk joins Independence Day events in Polish homeland

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WARSAW, Poland – European Union president Donald Tusk has joined celebrations in his native Poland on Independence Day, which celebrates the nation regaining its sovereignty at the end of World War I after being wiped off the map for more than a century. Flags fluttered across the country on Saturday and television news presenters wore pins in the colors of the national flag, white and red, celebrating the nation's rebirth in 1918. President Andrzej Duda oversaw ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, walking past a military guard before the raising of the flags and cannon salutes. Tusk, head of the European Council, attended at Duda's invitation. Several marches are expected later in the day, including one with far-right nationalists and another by an anti-government group.