Air Quality Worsens in China's Henan Province, Improves Elsewhere

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SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Air pollution in China's heavy-industrial province of Henan worsened in December even as other regions improved, official data showed, with its cities hit by unfavorable weather and a struggle to find cleaner sources of economic growth.

THE YEAR IN PICTURES Photographers capture the best moments of 2016

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A monkey catches knives as it balances on a board during a daily training session at a monkey farm in Baowan village, Xinye county of China's central Henan province, February 2, 2016. Baowan village of China's central Henan province appears to be your average farming community from the surface, but at a closer look, one can hear monkey hoots from every direction. Although no official number exists, villagers say that they have been a breeding ground for both monkeys and monkey trainers for centuries.

China Jails Two Employees of Exiled Tycoon Guo, Tightens Squeeze

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The Kaifeng Intermediate People's Court, in central Henan province, also fined Henan Yuda, a real estate company owned by Guo, 150 million yuan ($22.32 million) for fraudulently obtaining loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars from China Guangfa Bank [GDDVB.UL], Zhongyuan Bank, Industrial Bank and others.

Archaeologists pull out 2,300-year-old sword and discover it's still shiny in China

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Chinese archaeologists were surprised to discover that an ancient sword they had unearthed were in near perfect condition. Last Friday, experts pulled out the blade from its scabbard and realised that the 2,300-year-old relic was shiny and sharp. The traditional Chinese weapon was found inside an ancient coffin in Henan Province in central China, where the Chinese civilisation is thought to have originated. The sword, discovered by archaeologists from Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, was believed to be from China's Warring States period (475 BC -221 BC). It had been kept inside the coffin at the left-hand side of its owner.

Christian heartland of Henan offers window into fight for China's soul

The Japan Times

NANYANG, CHINA – A 62-year-old shopkeeper had waited nearly his entire adult life to see his dream of building a church come true -- a brick house with a sunny courtyard and spacious hall with room for 200 believers. But in March, about a dozen police officers and local officials suddenly showed up at the church on his property and made the frightened congregants disperse. They ordered that the cross, a painting of the Last Supper and Bible verse calligraphy be taken down. And they demanded that all services stop until each person along with the church itself was registered with the government, said the shopkeeper, Guo, who gave his last name only from fear of retribution. Without warning, Guo and his neighbors in China's Christian heartland province of Henan had found themselves on the front lines of an ambitious new effort by the officially atheist ruling Communist Party to dictate -- and in some cases displace -- the practice of faith in the country.