Trump to play golf at Turnberry as protests continue

BBC News

Donald Trump is expected to play golf at his resort in Ayrshire later as further protests against his visit to the UK take place. The US president arrived in Scotland on Friday evening after completing his two-day "working trip". Mr Trump, whose mother was Scottish, and his wife Melania are spending the weekend at his Turnberry hotel. A "national demonstration" is due take place at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Saturday. Protestors will walk to the Meadows for a "carnival of resistance".

'Trump Baby' balloon banned from Turnberry

BBC News

A giant balloon depicting Donald Trump as a baby will not be allowed to fly over his Turnberry golf course, police have said. The Trump Baby balloon has already been given permission to fly over central London during the US president's visit to the UK. But Police Scotland refused a request for the 6m (20ft) high balloon to also take to the skies over the golf course. Mr Trump is expected to play at Turnberry on Saturday. Police said the blimp would not be allowed at the course as an air exclusion zone was in place during the president's visit.

Trump arrives in Scotland amid protests

BBC News

Donald Trump has arrived in Scotland as thousands of people gathered to protest against his visit. The US president touched down at Prestwick Airport shortly after 20:20 after completing his two-day working trip to the UK. Mr Trump, whose mother was Scottish, will spend the weekend at his Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire in what has been described as a private visit. Protestors filled George Square in Glasgow ahead of his arrival. Shortly after Mr Trump's arrival at Turnberry a power paraglider was spotted flying close to the resort with a banner which said "Trump: Well below par".

A special state visit for Trump sparks outcry in the U.K.

PBS NewsHour

JUDY WOODRUFF: Now, from the prime minister's surprise news of today, to a surprise Theresa May brought to the White House in January, and the debate it's sparked across Great Britain. From London, special correspondent Ryan Chilcote has this look. RYAN CHILCOTE: It was supposed to be a diplomatic coup, the British prime minister beating the world's leaders to the Oval Office. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I am honored to have Prime Minister Theresa May here for our first official visit. She upped the ante, extending an honor only two U.S. presidents have received since 1952.

Trump to visit Windsor and Chequers on UK trip

BBC News

Donald Trump will meet the Queen at Windsor and hold talks with the prime minister at Chequers on his two-day visit to the UK next week. The itinerary for Thursday and Friday confirms the US president will stay at the US Ambassador's House in Regent's Park overnight. But other formal events will be held outside London. Thousands are expected to stage protests in the capital and in Scotland, where he will go on Friday. President Trump will fly into the UK on Thursday afternoon with First Lady Melania Trump, following a Nato summit in Brussels.