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4 Reasons Why You May Need Reputation Management

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

In 2014 a study conducted by two Canadian researchers proved the existence of "negativity bias" - psychologists' term for our collective hunger to hear, and remember bad news. This subconscious bias affects Google search results in a profound way. If negative articles or websites are being widely read, clicked, and shared, those are the articles Google's algorithm identifies as front page worthy.

Metadata Management vs. Master Data Management - DATAVERSITY


Businesses rely on knowing their data to survive and grow. Metadata Management and Master Data Management (MDM) provide essential processes for organizations to gain this knowledge and to succeed. As a result, both need to be managed well. Though both the differences and intersections between Metadata Management vs. Master Data Management are often complicated to disentangle for many enterprises seeking to better leverage and govern their extensive data assets.

Callisto: An Intelligent Project Management System

AI Magazine

Large engineering projects, such as the engineering development of computers, involve a large number of activities and require cooperation across a number of departments. The Callisto project was born out of realization that the classical approaches to project management do not provide sufficient functionally to manage large engineering projects. Callisto was initiated as a research effort to explore project scheduling, control and configuration problems during the engineering prototype development of large computer systems and to devise intelligent project management tools that facilitate the documentation of project management expertise and its reuse from one project to another. In the first phase of the project, rule-based prototypes were used to build quick prototypes of project management expertise and the project management knowledge required to support expert project managers.

Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management

AI Magazine

This article summarizes the results of the 6-7 July Workshop on Human Language Technology and Knowledge Management held in Toulouse, France. It describes invited keynotes, presentations, and results of brainstorming sessions to create a technology road map for this important area. The group also articulated grand challenges in human language technology and solutions to these challenges that could benefit facilities for knowledge discovery, access, and exploitation.

AAAI-97 Workshop on AI and Knowledge Management

AI Magazine

This article describes a one-day workshop entitled AI and Knowledge Management that was held at the Fourteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence. The workshop was successful in identifying areas where AI techniques can be used to help those working on knowledge management and identifying areas for future work in this area.