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Building Successful Artificial Intelligence Systems Using Strategic Assessments


As part of any development process for an artificial intelligence system, I would like to offer some thoughts on successfully achieving a viable business solution beginning with building a visual strategic customer assessment. NOTE: Each assessment is unique to the customer and hence these comments are designed to provide an introduction, not indepth analysis of the each topic. This is a 10-step process (not all included here). If you want help in building Strategic Assessments, please contact me at All 10-steps are included in MindMeld: CEO & AI ibook.

Jim Webb Won't Say Who He Voted For, But Wishes Donald Trump Well

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"How could one Republican presidential administration," Webb asked, referring to that of President George W. Bush, "have made such an incredible strategic blunder as the invasion and occupation of Iraq, only to see the next Democratic administration make an equally strategic blunder -- at least as bad, and possibly worse -- by initiating what was called, 'the Arab Spring?'"

Strategic Voting

Morgan & Claypool Publishers

The first part of this book asks "are there voting rules that are truthful?" in that all voters have an incentive to report their true preferences. In the second, we ask "what would be the outcome when voters do vote strategically?" rather than preventing such behavior. We overview various game-theoretic models and equilibrium concepts, demonstrate how they apply to voting games, and discuss their implications on social welfare. ISBN 9781681733593, 167 pages.

Ms. Foundation Strategic Plan to Focus on Women of Color

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The Ms. Foundation for Women says it will put $25 million over five years toward organizations that are led by and focus on women and girls of color and form its first-ever fund that will allow it to take a stronger stance on political and policy issues.