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Amazon's steep today-only sale on Eufy robot vacuums lets you stop cleaning and start living more


A robot vacuum handles the tedium of floor-cleaning for you and they're just plain cool, but they can also be a bit on the pricey side. Today only, though, you can choose from two Eufy RoboVacs available at a steep discount as part of an Amazon deal of the day. The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 is $180, down from a list price of $270, and the BoostIQ RoboVac 35C is $225, down from a list price of $300. A quiet, nonstop clean does the vacuuming for you, while a triple-filter system ensures your floors get as clean as possible. These vacs can even sense when they're about to go off an edge and will avoid tipping over.

Cut back on cleaning time in 2021 with a Eufy robot vacuum


These are the best deals on Eufy robot vacuums as of Jan. 13: OUR TOP PICK: Eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30, Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 -- save $90 One of the things we had enough of in 2020 was cleaning (among other things). Staying at home all day every day means that things tend to get messy, and time spent cleaning the house also seems to skyrocket. Give yourself a little free time and outsource the floor-cleaning to a robot vacuum. These Eufy models will save you time, energy and -- since they're all on sale -- money. The smartest robot vacuum on this list, the RoboVac G30 will integrate seamlessly into any smart home.

Save up to $80 on these Eufy robot vacuums — just in time for the holidays


There are two types of people around the holidays: those who seem be singing Christmas songs as soon as Halloween is over and those who just get bothered by all the festivities. If you're the latter, we totally understand. Not only is shopping for gifts an added stress but there's also the mess of it all. Wrapping gifts leaves glitter and ribbons everywhere, and cooking for the family leaves crumbs on the floor that you have to work so hard to clean. To take one worry off your plate, treat yourself to a robot vacuum. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to spend a fortune to have a handy robot do the work for you -- especially when there are sales running.

Robot vacuums from Eufy are up to $80 off on Amazon


TL;DR: As of Sept. 17, spruce up your WFH area with up to 33% off eufy robot vacuums on Amazon. A robot vacuum is a luxurious set-it-and-forget it way to keep your floors crumb-free. Plus, it's extremely fun to watch a little robot zoom around the living room. On Amazon, several robot vacuums from Eufy -- a much-beloved and affordable Roomba alternative -- are on sale. All three come with a remote control, are designed to vacuum for up to 100 minutes on a single charge, and are suited for both hardwood and carpet, which means you can set them free in your entire home without worry.

For one day only you can save over £30 on a Eufy RoboVac 11S robot vacuum


Robot vacuums are wonderful devices, not only because they do an effective job of keeping your floors clean, but they give you the gift of time, and you can't put a price on that. The RoboVac 11S robot vacuum from Eufy is down to just £178.49 This usually retails at £209.99, but using the code EFMARCH8 at the checkout entitles you to a discount of £31.50. The RoboVac 11S sweeps, vacuums, and recharges automatically, so you don't need to lift a finger. That's what robot vacuums are all about.