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How to Get More Creative in the Classroom Without Wasting Students' Time


For this week's episode of Working Overtime, hosts Isaac Butler and June Thomas answer a question from a physics teacher named Anya, who thinks we should all view teaching as the creative practice that it is. What did a teacher do that you found really creative? Or are there some creative teaching habits that should really be avoided?

What would be in store for California schools under Trump's proposed education cuts

Los Angeles Times

President Trump's proposed budget would reduce education spending nationwide while boosting money for school vouchers and charter schools. While most public school dollars come from states and districts, federal funds cover specific programs. Since California is the most populous state, it stands to lose the most money. This fiscal year, the federal government is expected to pay California $4.09 billion for K-12 programming and $4.3 billion for college programs, EdSource noted. The Trump administration has proposed entirely cutting Supporting Effective Instruction grants, which pay for teacher training.

Special education teacher shortage impacting 48 states

FOX News

The U.S. Center for Education Statistics says 14 percent of all public school students received some kind of special education services during the 2019-20 school year. But schools around the country aren't finding enough special education teachers to hire. But schools nationwide can't find enough special education teachers to fill the vacancies. Every state except New Hampshire and New Mexico expect shortages in special education teachers for the 2021-2022 school year, according to a U.S. Department of Education spokesperson. The need is so critical for some districts that monetary incentives are being offered to new hires.

Artificial Intelligence is transforming higher education Global Education Times


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become part of our everyday lives, from smart personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa, to security surveillance, and automatic parking systems. In education, particularly in higher education, Artificial Intelligence is transforming traditional methods of teaching for both students and teachers, making the whole learning experience more customised, efficient and engaging. The world has changed due to the momentum of technology, and teaching must reflect the fact that information is available at all times and in all places through smartphones and tablets. Today, students do not necessarily need to attend physical classes as long as they have computers and internet connection, and although challenging, AI has and will continue to benefit education in various ways. Firstly, from a Business School perspective, new technology can be used to enhance the efficiency of the school itself.

Two 12-year-old girls jump to their deaths from building in Aichi, leaving notes hinting at bullying

The Japan Times

NAGOYA - Two 12-year-old elementary school students apparently jumped to their deaths from an apartment building in Aichi Prefecture on Tuesday, leaving notes suggesting that they were being bullied, according to investigative sources. The two girls have been identified as sixth-graders who attended the same elementary school in the city of Toyota. The city's education board told a news conference Wednesday that it had not received any reports about the two being bullied. A woman in the neighborhood made an emergency call at around 7 p.m. Tuesday, saying she had found two girls lying on the ground and bleeding next to the building. The two, who did not live in the complex, were confirmed dead at a hospital.