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Why putting kids on a 'digital diet' may disadvantage them at school

Los Angeles Times

What many people who are not involved in public education may not realize is how technology-dependent it has become. My district has an online program that teachers use for diagnostic testing and students use to practice language arts and math skills. My students also use online programs instead of flashcards to learn their math facts. State testing is done online, so children need to know how to use these electronic devices. I have students who are not online at home, which impedes their academic progress.

Louisiana Students Dissect, Deliver With Digital Cadaver

U.S. News

The academic performance of nursing and other students at Sowela Technical Community College has improved since the introduction of the Anatomage table, a digital cadaver, and high-fidelity mannequins, school officials said.

5 ways to create an environment that helps adults learn to love coding


If you want adults to learn to code, stop serving pizza. That's just one of the lessons Kathryn Parsons, cofounder and co-CEO of global coding education provider Decoded, has learnt while helping people make the leap into programming. Not everyone will learn to code as an obsessed teenager in their bedroom. Some will need to learn digital skills as part of a change mid-career, while others may be managers fed up with not knowing what their developers do all day, and coding education needs to work for them too. Speaking with Mashable Australia at the CeBIT technology conference in Sydney Monday, Parsons shared some of the tactics her company, which famously claims to teach coding in one day, uses to help people overcome their fears and get started with digital skills.

3.024: Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials

MIT Technology Review

Polina Anikeeva, associate professor of materials science and engineering, normally takes what she calls an old-school approach to teaching 3.024 (Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials): lectures at the blackboard, lots of discussion, office hours. "The team and I thought, okay, it's straightforward," she told the ACWG in one of the 8 a.m. "We have these beautiful materials, we have all the p-sets, we have all the projects planned out. All we have to do is meet with students and answer questions." But when the class met on Zoom to discuss the lectures they'd been asked to watch, it became apparent that none of the students had done so.

Digital age calls for new way of work


Organisations are working in very exciting times! They are no longer waiting or just talking about the fourth industrial revolution, because the world is right in the middle of it. Companies all over the world have created more data within the last two years than all of time before that. In this digital age, the modern workplace must take advantage of the amount of data that can be accessed, so they can stay nimble and agile. When I moved into my latest role as Microsoft 365 Business Group Director in the last 12 months, I was really astounded by the amount of use of cloud technology and the way customers are using cloud to change the way they work.