This mocap suit records Hollywood-quality animation at indie film prices


But a new, cameraless system from Dutch startup Rokoko, called the Smartsuit Pro, aims to make Hollywood-quality motion capture affordable for everybody. The Smartsuit Pro is a form-fitting jumpsuit equipped with 19 gyroscopic sensors. These detect the angle, momentum and position of your head, arms, legs and torso, then feed that information into a central hub on your lower back. The data can either be recorded locally on the hub's hard drive or streamed directly to a computer using WiFi. You'll get about 6 hours of use out of the suit before it needs to be recharged, though its batteries can easily be hot-swapped.

Samsung Galaxy Book review: An excellent 2-in-1 for a good price


Samsung's Galaxy Book is a 2-in-1 tablet with a detachable keyboard that gets pretty much everything you care about right. Its price, performance, and battery life are all among the best we've tested. While it lacks the razzle-dazzle of flagships like the new Surface Pro, it's still the sort of all-around performer that will attract a buyer looking for good value. Samsung's only real swing and miss is a somewhat gimmicky integration with its Galaxy smartphones, which replaces the Windows Hello features that are becoming more common. While some competing 2-in-1 products we've reviewed cost upwards of $1,400, the version of the Samsung Galaxy Book we tested ships for $1,300. The price includes 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, plus optional LTE connectivity via Verizon.

Johnson Controls Cortana-powered thermostat to work with Alexa, Google Assistant


After months of delays, Johnson Controls' GLAS smart thermostat hit the pre-order stage this week. The thermostat, which is available on both Amazon and Johnson Controls' sites, costs $319 and will ship starting August 24, as reported by Microsoft and Johnson Controls originally hinted about the coming Windows 10 IoT/Cortana-powered GLAS thermostat in the summer of 2017. In January 2018, Johnson Controls said the device would be available for pre-order in March 2018 (which didn't happen). The GLAS thermostat, which uses a Snapdragon 410E embedded platform, has a translucent OLED touchscreen display for controlling temperature, monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality, and checking the weather.