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Troubleshooting a TensorFlow Predictive Model Microservice With Weave Cloud - DZone AI


Seldon Core is a machine learning platform that helps your data science team deploy models into production. It provides an open-source data science stack that runs within a Kubernetes cluster. Weave Cloud works alongside machine learning platforms such as Seldon's. In this tutorial, you will deploy a predictive service that recognizes drawn numbers from 0 to 9. The predictive model was created using TensorFlow. This example describes how to deploy the pre-packaged Docker image that is available in the Seldon server.

Here's what we built in our first year of open-source machine learning -- Seldon -- Open Source Machine Learning


We just finished Barclays Accelerator London, the world's leading fintech accelerator programme powered by Techstars. It was such an honour to share what Seldon has been building at Demo Day on 18th April 2016. Pitching to a 1000-strong audience at the O2 was a fitting finale to an incredible 13-week Techstars programme -- we all learned so much, connected with hundreds of great people, and established a new market for Seldon in the finance sector. We were delighted to announce a project with Barclaycard to help identify customers that default after receiving credit increases. This could not only save millions in missed payments, but would also result in fewer customers in financial difficulty.

Katecheo: A Portable and Modular System for Multi-Topic Question Answering Artificial Intelligence

We introduce a modular system that can be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster for question answering via REST API. This system, called Katecheo, includes four configurable modules that collectively enable identification of questions, classification of those questions into topics, a search of knowledge base articles, and reading comprehension. We demonstrate the system using publicly available, pre-trained models and knowledge base articles extracted from Stack Exchange sites. However, users can extend the system to any number of topics, or domains, without the need to modify any of the model serving code. All components of the system are open source and available under a permissive Apache 2 License.

Seldon 1.4 adds GRPC – Seldon -- Open Source Machine Learning


In the 1.4 release of Seldon we have added an alpha release of gRPC endpoints to complement our REST and Javascript endpoints. Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) and Google's version of this (gRPC) provides several advantages over REST. However, gRPC may be unfamiliar to many and requires a certain expertise for the developer building a gRPC client or server. For the 1.4 release of Seldon we have added gRPC as an external prediction endpoint as well as allowing prediction microservices to be deployed as gRPC servers internal to Seldon. The stages to deploy a gRPC service are discussed in detail in our docs and our summarized below.