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Richard Blumenthal: Wilbur Ross Faces 'Impossible Situation' at Commerce if Donald Trump Doesn't Divest

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But Ross also has indicated he will not rid himself of specific real estate and transoceanic shipping assets. He said in his ethics agreement that he had been advised by an ethics official for the Commerce Department that he would not need to do so, as "the likelihood that I will need to participate in any particular matter affecting these entities is remote." He also vowed to "remain vigilant in identifying any particular matters affecting the interests of these entities and their holdings."

Consolidating commerce and content


For the vast majority of organizations today, commerce without content becomes unfeasible quickly. Yet organizations rarely grow into commerce and content at the same time. No matter how they start, however, they usually arrive at the same place: one system to handle commerce, another to serve content, and a smattering of other add-ons or systems for automation, email, assets, cataloging, etc. This situation may work for a time -- it might even be rationalized as "best of breed" -- but it inevitably compromises digital maturation and, more importantly, undermines profit. The good news is there are solid options for consolidating commerce and content on a single platform.

Digital Commerce


We can help you reimagine how your platform delivers value to your customers, the way you want to build relationships and redefine the customer experience.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Launches Headless Offering to Serve the High Customer Experience Needs of Enterprise Customers


Businesses are eager to embrace new commerce channels and technologies to get closer to their customers and grow conversions. Yet to do this effectively, they must overcome four key challenges: 1) needing to constantly innovate their digital customer experience at speed and scale; 2) designing coherent experiences across multiple touchpoints and technologies; 3) eliminating data silos to effectively harness data and drive real-time decisioning; and 4) integrating new technologies while minimizing disruptions to existing business operations. To achieve such fine-grained control and create rich and differentiated customer experiences, many companies are turning to "headless commerce" which accommodates an unlimited variety of web, social, mobile, IoT and in-store digital touchpoints, while separating them architecturally from the commerce platform using APIs to deliver commerce services. This improves flexibility to power a wide range of omnichannel scenarios, to commerce-enable any system, application or IoT device, and to seamlessly integrate with any content management systems. A successful headless commerce strategy requires a rich array of capabilities that are open, extensible and easily consumable by developers that have little or no experience with the underlying commerce platform.

A Statistical Approach to Pick the Most Impactful Advertising Channel for Product Marketing


In the wake of ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) it becomes pivotal for any product company to choose the most appropriate advertisement channel for the promotion of their products. This not only helps the organizations to maximize their chances of creating the best first impression but will also help them to be discovered by today's tech savvy consumers.