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The Distinction between "Privacy" and "Personal Information" – Issues of Personal Information Protection Act in Japan

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It seems that the relation of the concept of privacy and the concept of the personal information are misunderstood. The privacy comes from the personality, and it is a normative concept. On the other hand, personal information is a fact about each individual. In Japan, Privacy protection is often confused with personal data protection when talking about the Internet. But the leakage of personal information is not privacy infringement per se. Because of this confusion, now in Japan, when collecting and using all kind of information, it is demanded to obtain the individual's consent for the use and processing of personal data. There may be the risk that regulating excessively with all information concerning the person without using the term of privacy at all. Such an excessive regulation may hinder the corporate and public activities. It should then be distinguished ‘the use of personal information which does not infringe someone’s privacy’ from ‘the use of the information relating to the privacy’. And only ‘privacy-related information’ should be the subject matter of the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan from the standpoint of a smooth circulation of information. Of course, basically the individual’s consent should be required, but the high chance of being sued for every activity concerning the processing of information by excessive regulation is an issue that should be solved soon.

Can I use a personal card for business expenses?


Keeping track of expenses can be a burden across multiple accounts and credit cards, so you may find it easier to use a personal card for both personal and business expenses. After all, it's not like either expense type will be declined if you use one for the other. But, is it smart to use a personal card for business expenses? There are both benefits and drawbacks to using a personal card for business expenses. If you plan to use a personal card, the best way to keep your personal and business finances separate is to dedicate that personal credit card to business transactions only to make tracking easier.


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How can we quantify our health? How can our health data be integrated into personal- ized medicine, improved wellness, and contributions to scientific discovery? These are the significant questions to improve our daily life. To tackle this issue, our symposium aims to explore the answers to the above questions by integrating two approaches, individual and collective viewpoints, in improving personal wellness. The approach from the individual viewpoint focuses on recently developed self-tracking technologies for monitoring personal health conditions such as sleep, diet, exercise, and vital signs data, and for analyzing personal medical data and personal genome data. The approach from the collective viewpoint focuses on collective intelligence as a potential resource for finding useful knowledge for personal wellness from the knowledge of other individuals and groups. The role of artificial intelligence and other technologies is examined in helping to create value in our future personal wellness. This symposium will bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers to discuss possible solu- tions for personal wellness.

What if consciousness is not what drives the human mind?

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It has long been believed that thoughts, beliefs and perceptions that fill our minds every day are part of what it means to have consciousness.

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