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Innovative Recruiting For Innovative Talent

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Objective: Hire innovative talent that will ensure you produce more, improve quality and reduce costs. This is not an easy mandate; this is a barrier to many IT organizations' maturity and capabilities and can prevent strategic goals and objectives from being reached. Innovation cannot just be a loosely listed requirement in a job description any more than it can be an apparent buzzword to include on a candidate's resume or LinkedIn profile. Innovative procedures should be implemented in a company's recruitment processes to attract talent with the necessary technical, behavioral and critical-thinking skills. Companies that are securing this type of talent examine every level of their pipelining, sourcing and interviewing processes.

WSI Innovative & Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Agency


WSI is a network of digital strategy and marketing thought leaders with offices in over 80 countries. WSI is uniquely positioned to deliver marketing solutions through leveraging its global expertise, specialist partner network and proven methodologies.

6 Innovative Gadgets Your Modern Kitchen Absolutely Needs

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Mishaps in the kitchen are guaranteed, the beauty of a solid wood worktop is it can be made to look as good as new. Dents can be filled; scuffs and stains can be polished out or sanded down and re-oiled. However, if you drop a knife on a laminated surface or take a chip out of a stone or granite surface it's much more difficult to remedy.

Advice From The Most Innovative Leaders

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Anyone can change his or her behavior to improve creative impact in a company. According to the authors of the Innovators DNA, the five skills of disruptive innovators are questioning, observing, networking, experimenting and associational thinking (drawing connections among unrelated fields). These chiefs that follow make one or more of these habits a daily event.

Two small children give their mom a highly innovative makeover


This Scottish mom's kids, Noah and Ben, were enthralled by the makeup tutorials she watched -- so they decided to grab half a bottle of highlighter and make one of their own. Mom is the model/test subject, of course.